Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great mommy day

Am I the only mother that has certain days where you just feel really great? Cayden has been so happy and sweet all day. He's been really cooperative and I've been able to get a ton done around here and am feeling productive. It's just been a good mommy day! I thought I'd get on here and give a little update about what's been going on with our little threesome.

Last weekend was fun - we had a few visitors to come and see Cayden for the first time. My friend Kristin and her husband, John, and their son, Ethan, came to visit on Friday night. Kristin had wanted to come in January right after Cayden was born but things were so crazy here that it didn't really work out, so we were glad that they were able to come over.

Look how pale he is next to her! My poor white baby! In his defense, she is really tan.

When Ethan got done holding Cayden, he said, "Now my pants smell like baby!" Ha!

On Saturday, Collin's paternal grandfather, whom we call Papaw, came to visit. It was a sweet time of visiting and loving on the boy. Papaw was so cute - he walked in the door and said his hello's and then asked where the restroom was so he could wash his hands and get a hold of Cayden! We loved him being here. All of my great grandparents had already passed away before I was born, so I never got to meet any of them. It means so much to me that Cayden has gotten to meet 3 of his.
If Collin's dad was pictured above, we would have 4 generations of Glenn Day's here! How neat!

Everything in our lives is going great. Collin's still loving his job and in this market, we feel blessed that he has a good job, especially one that he enjoys. We are still looking for a house. We thought that we found one a couple of days ago that would have been almost ideal for us, but there was already a contract on it. We were disappointed but are trusting that the Lord will bring the right one along in His time. We never thought that it would take this long to find a house but are trusting in Him through this season of waiting.

Cayden is growing like crazy. He is officially wearing 3 month clothing (no more of that 0-3!) and the last couple of nights we've put him in 6 month pj's! They're pretty big on him but he's getting too long for the 3 month ones. Collin measured him the other night and thinks that Cayden's pretty close to 26 inches long! I wouldn't be surprised if he's close to the 100th percentile for height at his 4 month check up next month! We are absolutely loving the stage that he's in right now. While there's a part of me that misses my tiny baby that sleeps a lot, the past few weeks have been really fun. He's becoming increasingly aware of the world around him and he loves to smile and talk to us. It's the greatest thing ever. (As I type this, he is watching a Baby Einstein video and talking to precious!) He is still really good about going to anyone and we're crossing our fingers that this continues. His hair, which had thinned considerably from the thick mane that he was born with, is starting to fill back in a little, which I am thankful for. With little girls, at least you can put bows on their heads if they don't have a lot of hair. With little boys, you cannot do that! Here are some pictures of our cutie from this past week.

Ace checking out Cayden when we got home from church on Sunday.

Smiling at daddy. He had shoes on but they kept falling off at lunch, so we took them off.

He looks dazed and confused here. He had just woken up from a nap. I take a picture of him in the glider with this teddy bear on the 6th of every month. Since he was born January 6th, it's a neat way to document how much he grows from month to month. This was taken on Monday, his 3 month birthday.

We are excited about Easter this weekend. It's Cayden's first big holiday and I'm so eager to see him in his precious Easter outfit. Stay tuned for those sweet pictures next week! Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend and takes the necessary time to prepare your heart for the true sacrifice that Jesus made just for you!


Ashley Sumners said...

He is so cute! I love that you and Kristin are still such close friends. Does she have a blog or facebook or anything? I'd love to get back in contact with her!