Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cayden's First Easter plus exciting news!

We have had a busy few days. I will start with Easter. Cayden was precious in his little Easter duds at church. I cannot tell you how many ladies he had trying to pinch his precious little cheeks! He was wide awake during the service and as soon as the music ended and the preaching began, he wanted to move around and talk loudly. Of course... So, Cayden and mommy spent the morning watching the service in the nursery foyer on TV with Aunt Larissa and Maylee, who had a similar idea about how she wanted to spend the morning. Cayden and Maylee matched in their little outfits and were sooo sweet!

Then we headed back to my parents house for lunch where Cayden opened his Easter basket and lots of gifts from lots of people.

We got him a jumper and tried it out and he liked it. He wasn't exactly sure about it at first but after a while he started to get the hang of it. I think in about a month he's really going to love it.

Cayden's first Easter was great and we had a really fun time with him! Now, onto our exciting news...this looks like it's going to be our house!!

It was a fluke actually that we even found it, thanks to our realtor. It just went on the market on Friday night and we were the first couple to see it on Saturday morning. It is adorable and we love it! We put an offer in on Monday and after two rounds of negotiations, we learned yesterday that we got the house! Yay! It's 2100 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a study, and a formal dining or second living area. There's a wood deck in the back with a covered sandbox and a play set for Cayden when he gets bigger. The house is almost ideal for us. If inspection and all goes well, we should be closing on June 1st. Everything so far has fallen perfectly into place and we see the Lord's hands in it all. Thank You Jesus for your perfect sovereignty in our lives. Your ways are always so much better than mine!


Kato said...

I'm so glad you guys got the house! The pictures Collin showed me looked amazing! I'm really excited for you, and it's really close to us, so when I'm in town I can go meet your little cutie!

Honea Household said...

Cayden looks so big! I cannot believe how much he's grown! And I love the house! Congratulations! I can't wait to see what the inside looks like! Is it in Benbrook?

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited about your new home! It's beautiful!!! Can't wait to see you guys again sometime soon!