Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're in the double digits!

For weeks, that is. Our sweet baby boy is 10 weeks old today! I can hardly believe it. He's growing and changing so quickly and I'm trying my best to cherish every day with him. I love being his mommy so much!!

Here are some things that he's up to these days:

He loves to have cooing conversations with mommy and daddy - he will just coo and try to talk to us. I love it!

He is smiling a lot and it absolutely melts my heart!

He enjoys sitting in the Bumbo and holding up his head. He's becoming more curious and wants to look around and take everything in.

He's still not a huge fan of tummy time. He'd rather be on his back...or of course, be held.

When he starts to get upset, he makes these noises that sound like a puppy.

He has discovered his tongue and likes to stick it out. If I stick out my tongue at him, he will try and copy me. It's great.

The hair on the top of his head is still there but has thinned out a lot from when he was born. He does, however, have a thick mullet in the back. It's awesome.

He loves to stare at the mobile on his swing and the toy that dangles down from his bouncy seat. He also likes to watch himself in the little mirrors on the mobile.

He has started staring intently into our faces as if he's studying them.

He enjoys bath time but doesn't smile much in the bath. He just sort of sits there contently.

He is in almost constant motion when he's awake. He likes to push up on us with his feet and is so strong!

He still loves music. I got him this Baby Einstein pop up book that has music and he LOVES it. He just stares at the pages when you play the music.

He brings his mommy and daddy indescribable joy - we are so blessed to have him!


Honea Household said...

He is SO cute, too!

Clint said...

That's a really cute pic! He's awesome. Did he recently go on a skiing trip with his youth group?

The Vann's said...

he looks more like collin everyday!
i love this sweet boy and miss him!

what a sweetie!!