Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update, as promised

I promised G.G. that I would post a blog today with pictures of the sweet boy, so here we go! Cayden and I met Larissa and Maylee at the park last Thursday and we had a fun time! Ris and I pushed the kids around the track while they slept. It was a great way to try and get some exercise and get the babies outside. Cayden did great and seemed to like it. It was pretty warm out so I took Cayden's socks off, in case you're wondering why he doesn't have socks on in the picture below!

I also made a silly mistake by wearing flip flops to the park. We walked about 3 miles and later that night, I had huge blisters on my feet! I would have worn tennis shoes but since my feet grew about half a size from pregnancy, my tennis shoes no longer fit! I was hoping that I would be one of the lucky ones whose feet went back to their original size, but no such luck. Oh-well, great reason to go shopping, right?!? That night, Cayden enjoyed being in the Bumbo while his daddy took some pictures.

On Friday, Cayden and my parents met our realtor to look at a couple of houses but it turned out being a bust :( We are trying hard to find a house but we've decided that we really want to live in Benbrook and the options in Benbrook are very limited. It's a small community and with people not wanting to sell unless they have to, we're having a rather hard time finding something. After meeting the realtor and grabbing some lunch, Cayden, my mom, and I went to run some errands. I had been having problems with my acid reflux so I went to see a doctor about what medicines I can take while breastfeeding. He put me on Zantac and it has helped. Once we left the doctor, we went shopping. And yes, I got some new tennis shoes!

On Saturday, we didn't really have any plans (I love those kinds of Saturdays!) so our little threesome met the Simpson's little threesome at the park. Ris and I pushed the kids around the track while the daddy's played tennis. We were finishing up our second mile when all of a sudden, Cayden started screaming. I got him out of his stroller and soon learned that he had scratched his face to the point of bleeding. He had a large scratch on his right cheek and was NOT happy about it. Poor baby. So, we went and found a shady spot, laid out a blanket, and chilled for a while. Maylee wanted to show me how fast she can roll over now. She rolls over almost immediately when put down on her back now. What a cutie!

Here's Cayden right after he scratched his face. You can't really tell, but it looked bad. He was not a happy camper at this point!

We went back to the Simpson's house where Larissa made a yummy dinner and we enjoyed a night of fun fellowship and game playing. Maylee showed us how she likes to stand up on her own on her daddy's lap. She's getting so big - it's hard to believe!

Cayden's face looked so much better just a couple of hours after he scratched it. I am amazed at how fast his little body heals itself.

The kids loved hanging out...they had no idea how much fun they were having!

It's such a blessing having our best buds so close now! We love you Simpson's!

I'll close with yet a couple more pictures of our little cutie. We want to keep the grandparents happy!


C Day said...

Haha! Cayden has high-waters. Love u buddy boy!

Honea Household said...

I love all the pictures!!! He is getting so big and is changing so much. I cannot believe it!

You were crazy to wear flip flops. Golly, I don't even want to imagine how swollen and painful my feet would've been had I walked 3 miles in flip flops. Ouch!

Glad Cayden's face is better. That is always scary when they just burst out screaming. Poor Baby. :( He is still just as precious when he's upset. :) Miss you!

The Day's said...


They are not high-waters...they were just scrunched up in the picture!

fransmomma said...

he's adorable! i dont know if thats his swing or the other baby's in the picture, but thats the same swing molly had and she LOVED it!