Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Traveling with a 7 week old...

I don't recommend it. We had a great weekend visiting family in Houston, but we decided that we will never again voluntarily travel 300 miles with a newborn. It's not fun. Cayden did good on the drive up. As good as I would expect a little baby to do. The drive home was a little rougher. I think because it was such a short trip and he was in his car seat so much on Friday night that to have to get back in and stay for a long period not even 2 full days later was just too much for him. He fussed quite a bit and towards the end of the trip (somewhere around hour 7 that he had been in his car seat that day) he had had enough. We were SO glad to be home and out of the car that night but no one more than Cayden. He smiled so much when we took him out of his car seat. He stretched and threw his arms around and was in the best mood until he realized that it was night time and that's his designated fussy time. Ha!

We realized some new things about our little man from our time as a family in the car.

1- He is somewhat afraid of the dark. On Friday night, Cayden would start fussing and we'd turn on the light in the back of the SUV and he would calm down.

2- One of his love languages is touch. I've thought this for some time but it was confirmed on this trip. He would start crying, and I would reach back and touch his cheek or let him grab my hand and he was fine as long as mom was touching him.

3- The boy LOVES music. We've known this but man...it's so true. He's going to be our musical child.

4- There is this certain level of scream that he can reach that sounds just like a pig. It's kinda funny...at first.

It was so good to see Collin's family. We really enjoyed it and feel safe to say that they loved seeing Cayden as well :) Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Cayden with Papa D on Saturday morning.

Papa D is comfy to sleep on!

Cayden with Aunt Carissa and cousin Eden

Cayden with GG


Honea Household said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! He's getting SO big!!!

~Jody said...

well, hopefully you can build enough courage to come down again soon so you can stay a little longer to come visit your friends in Pearland!