Friday, March 13, 2009

Look who's sitting up!

We tried the Bumbo out last night and we were surprised at how our little man can hold his head up! We hadn't tried it out in a couple of weeks and's amazing how fast they grow and change. He sat up and really seemed to like it. We all stood around him (us and my parents) and acted like paparazzi taking pictures and video...poor kid. Here are some pictures from last night!

Notice the sign language I Love You he's throwing up with that right hand in this last picture. Also notice how he's looking right at the camera (me) as he does it. I think that must be a special I Love You reserved for mom :)


Honea Household said...

What a cutie! I think he looks more like Collin now! He is precious, Kris.

Nicolas said...

sweet boy!! i love those pics. he is so long and getting so big!! miss you guys!

fransmomma said...

ah, yes. the bumpo. i only wish i had one of those when molly was a baby. they had just come out and i found out about them about a month too late.