Sunday, March 8, 2009

I guess we're Indian Home Buyers...

I mentioned in a previous post about our recent home buying experience. Let me take this time while the babe is asleep to explain what exactly happened. We had been looking for weeks and had finally found a house that we really liked. We had seen it a couple times and as we were looking at it a couple of Sunday afternoons ago, another couple showed up as we were about the leave. This was after our realtor told us that this house would not be on the market much longer. As we were driving to lunch after leaving the house, we got to talking about it in the car and decided that we wanted to make an offer. I called our realtor and she got started drafting up the paperwork immediately. Thus began a crazy turn of events - you know how it is when you're buying a house. We anxiously awaited to hear something the next day. Well, we got a call the next morning saying that another couple had placed an offer as well (I'm sure it was the couple that showed up as we left) and that we needed to go in with our best offer. After just a few minutes to talk about it and a quick call to our loan officer, we went in at full price. We found out later that night that we got the house over the other couple but instead of feeling excited and relieved, we felt anxious and stressed. It bothered us that in this economy we were going to be paying full price, especially for a house that was listed for more per square foot than other houses in the area. After praying about it, we decided that we rushed into the decision and that this wasn't the house for us. Neither of us had a peace about it. So, we backed out during our 10 day option period. We got our earnest money back and surprisingly, the sellers even mailed us our option fee back! We attribute this to a very nice letter that I wrote the sellers introducing who we are and why we liked their house. So, that's the deal with the house. We're still looking. That's basically all we do every weekend! It's hard to find something in this market that we like in a neighborhood that we like that is also in our price range. God has the right house in the right community for us. We just have to find it!

I will close with a picture of our big 2 month old! He turned 2 months on Friday...I can hardly believe it! He's getting so big. He is crazy long - we think he's going to be really tall. Look at his legs hanging off his bouncy seat! His head is not at the top of the seat...but still, he's long! I will post some more pictures of him soon.