Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Weekend

On Friday night, we met my parents and Truman & Theresa Cockerham, who are great family friends, and Wanda, Theresa's mother, at Cracker Barrell for dinner. They hadn't seen Cayden since he was itty bitty so it was fun to see them and let them see Cayden! Here are some pictures of them with our little guy.

On Saturday morning, we got the word from our friends the Poors that they were in labor so we planned our day hoping that we would be making a hospital run later that day! Cayden watched his first Baby Einstein video that afternoon and acted like he liked it. At first he wasn't too sure, but he soon started moving his arms and feet around like crazy and making noises at the TV so we think that he enjoyed it!

DeeDee babysat that evening so that Collin and I could have a date and get some errands run without carting a baby around town. It's amazing how much faster and more productive one can be without a child in the car. We got word at about 8:30 that baby Rylie Poor had entered the world so we ran up to the hospital. Stephanie had given birth to Rylie at 7:55 PM. She weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. She has a tiny bit of blondish hair and is absolutely beautiful! Stephanie labored like a champ without any complications and everything went wonderfully - praise the Lord! I forgot my camera on Saturday night but we went back up to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and got some pictures of the sweet baby girl. I've been telling Cayden about Rylie and how she is one of the few girls on his approved dating list. She comes from good genes and will be raised in a Godly home so we're OK with the possible union someday! Rylie and Maylee might have to fight it out over our little stud :)

The beautiful Miss Adran "Rylie" Poor

The daddy's with their babies

The mommy's with their babies

Maylee and Cayden chatting it up...actually, flirting is more like it. Smiling and cooing at one another...it starts so early :)

I did something to my neck recently and it started hurting so bad on Sunday that by that night, I was in tears and could hardly move. Collin, being the awesome husband and father that he is, took on Cayden duty all night Sunday night so that I could rest. He also took the day off yesterday and took care of me and Cayden. I am feeling better than I did but am still getting around very slowly and not able to do much. My dad loaned me a soft neck brace that he had from a neck surgery that he had a while back. I've been wearing it since last night and Cayden does not like it. He looks at me weird and this morning, he even started crying! It was one of those, bottom lip comes out and starts quivering and then the tears come out. It was like he was saying, "Who are you and where's my normal mommy?!" Poor baby. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be much better and can take it off. Thanks to my mom who went in to work late this morning to help me out. What would I do without such a wonderful, supportive family? On the upside, I've been able to catch up on a lot of sleep and Collin got to spend some quality time with his son. I will close with a couple of pictures of my boys. There's something so sweet about a man and his son...melts my heart :)


Clint said...

Look at the goofy grins on all of the new dads' faces!!! Somebody's in love!!