Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Weekend

On Friday night, we met my parents and Truman & Theresa Cockerham, who are great family friends, and Wanda, Theresa's mother, at Cracker Barrell for dinner. They hadn't seen Cayden since he was itty bitty so it was fun to see them and let them see Cayden! Here are some pictures of them with our little guy.

On Saturday morning, we got the word from our friends the Poors that they were in labor so we planned our day hoping that we would be making a hospital run later that day! Cayden watched his first Baby Einstein video that afternoon and acted like he liked it. At first he wasn't too sure, but he soon started moving his arms and feet around like crazy and making noises at the TV so we think that he enjoyed it!

DeeDee babysat that evening so that Collin and I could have a date and get some errands run without carting a baby around town. It's amazing how much faster and more productive one can be without a child in the car. We got word at about 8:30 that baby Rylie Poor had entered the world so we ran up to the hospital. Stephanie had given birth to Rylie at 7:55 PM. She weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. She has a tiny bit of blondish hair and is absolutely beautiful! Stephanie labored like a champ without any complications and everything went wonderfully - praise the Lord! I forgot my camera on Saturday night but we went back up to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and got some pictures of the sweet baby girl. I've been telling Cayden about Rylie and how she is one of the few girls on his approved dating list. She comes from good genes and will be raised in a Godly home so we're OK with the possible union someday! Rylie and Maylee might have to fight it out over our little stud :)

The beautiful Miss Adran "Rylie" Poor

The daddy's with their babies

The mommy's with their babies

Maylee and Cayden chatting it up...actually, flirting is more like it. Smiling and cooing at one another...it starts so early :)

I did something to my neck recently and it started hurting so bad on Sunday that by that night, I was in tears and could hardly move. Collin, being the awesome husband and father that he is, took on Cayden duty all night Sunday night so that I could rest. He also took the day off yesterday and took care of me and Cayden. I am feeling better than I did but am still getting around very slowly and not able to do much. My dad loaned me a soft neck brace that he had from a neck surgery that he had a while back. I've been wearing it since last night and Cayden does not like it. He looks at me weird and this morning, he even started crying! It was one of those, bottom lip comes out and starts quivering and then the tears come out. It was like he was saying, "Who are you and where's my normal mommy?!" Poor baby. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be much better and can take it off. Thanks to my mom who went in to work late this morning to help me out. What would I do without such a wonderful, supportive family? On the upside, I've been able to catch up on a lot of sleep and Collin got to spend some quality time with his son. I will close with a couple of pictures of my boys. There's something so sweet about a man and his son...melts my heart :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Our musical boy...

So I've mentioned in the past about how much Cayden loves music. Last night, Collin put his i-pod headphones on Cayden and let him listen to some music. He would be sitting there chillin' and when Collin would put the headphones on him, he would start grinning from ear to ear. It was hilarious!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We miss you, Daddy!

This is what Cayden did when I told him that daddy would be leaving work to come home in about 5 hours. What can I say...the boy loves his dad! Collin, you are a great daddy, provider, and husband and we miss you when you are at work all day! We love you SSSOOOO much!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update, as promised

I promised G.G. that I would post a blog today with pictures of the sweet boy, so here we go! Cayden and I met Larissa and Maylee at the park last Thursday and we had a fun time! Ris and I pushed the kids around the track while they slept. It was a great way to try and get some exercise and get the babies outside. Cayden did great and seemed to like it. It was pretty warm out so I took Cayden's socks off, in case you're wondering why he doesn't have socks on in the picture below!

I also made a silly mistake by wearing flip flops to the park. We walked about 3 miles and later that night, I had huge blisters on my feet! I would have worn tennis shoes but since my feet grew about half a size from pregnancy, my tennis shoes no longer fit! I was hoping that I would be one of the lucky ones whose feet went back to their original size, but no such luck. Oh-well, great reason to go shopping, right?!? That night, Cayden enjoyed being in the Bumbo while his daddy took some pictures.

On Friday, Cayden and my parents met our realtor to look at a couple of houses but it turned out being a bust :( We are trying hard to find a house but we've decided that we really want to live in Benbrook and the options in Benbrook are very limited. It's a small community and with people not wanting to sell unless they have to, we're having a rather hard time finding something. After meeting the realtor and grabbing some lunch, Cayden, my mom, and I went to run some errands. I had been having problems with my acid reflux so I went to see a doctor about what medicines I can take while breastfeeding. He put me on Zantac and it has helped. Once we left the doctor, we went shopping. And yes, I got some new tennis shoes!

On Saturday, we didn't really have any plans (I love those kinds of Saturdays!) so our little threesome met the Simpson's little threesome at the park. Ris and I pushed the kids around the track while the daddy's played tennis. We were finishing up our second mile when all of a sudden, Cayden started screaming. I got him out of his stroller and soon learned that he had scratched his face to the point of bleeding. He had a large scratch on his right cheek and was NOT happy about it. Poor baby. So, we went and found a shady spot, laid out a blanket, and chilled for a while. Maylee wanted to show me how fast she can roll over now. She rolls over almost immediately when put down on her back now. What a cutie!

Here's Cayden right after he scratched his face. You can't really tell, but it looked bad. He was not a happy camper at this point!

We went back to the Simpson's house where Larissa made a yummy dinner and we enjoyed a night of fun fellowship and game playing. Maylee showed us how she likes to stand up on her own on her daddy's lap. She's getting so big - it's hard to believe!

Cayden's face looked so much better just a couple of hours after he scratched it. I am amazed at how fast his little body heals itself.

The kids loved hanging out...they had no idea how much fun they were having!

It's such a blessing having our best buds so close now! We love you Simpson's!

I'll close with yet a couple more pictures of our little cutie. We want to keep the grandparents happy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're in the double digits!

For weeks, that is. Our sweet baby boy is 10 weeks old today! I can hardly believe it. He's growing and changing so quickly and I'm trying my best to cherish every day with him. I love being his mommy so much!!

Here are some things that he's up to these days:

He loves to have cooing conversations with mommy and daddy - he will just coo and try to talk to us. I love it!

He is smiling a lot and it absolutely melts my heart!

He enjoys sitting in the Bumbo and holding up his head. He's becoming more curious and wants to look around and take everything in.

He's still not a huge fan of tummy time. He'd rather be on his back...or of course, be held.

When he starts to get upset, he makes these noises that sound like a puppy.

He has discovered his tongue and likes to stick it out. If I stick out my tongue at him, he will try and copy me. It's great.

The hair on the top of his head is still there but has thinned out a lot from when he was born. He does, however, have a thick mullet in the back. It's awesome.

He loves to stare at the mobile on his swing and the toy that dangles down from his bouncy seat. He also likes to watch himself in the little mirrors on the mobile.

He has started staring intently into our faces as if he's studying them.

He enjoys bath time but doesn't smile much in the bath. He just sort of sits there contently.

He is in almost constant motion when he's awake. He likes to push up on us with his feet and is so strong!

He still loves music. I got him this Baby Einstein pop up book that has music and he LOVES it. He just stares at the pages when you play the music.

He brings his mommy and daddy indescribable joy - we are so blessed to have him!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Look who's sitting up!

We tried the Bumbo out last night and we were surprised at how our little man can hold his head up! We hadn't tried it out in a couple of weeks and man...it's amazing how fast they grow and change. He sat up and really seemed to like it. We all stood around him (us and my parents) and acted like paparazzi taking pictures and video...poor kid. Here are some pictures from last night!

Notice the sign language I Love You he's throwing up with that right hand in this last picture. Also notice how he's looking right at the camera (me) as he does it. I think that must be a special I Love You reserved for mom :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Years Ago Today...

...we stood in front of our family and friends and vowed to spend the rest of our lives together. I fall more in love with this man everyday. God loves me, teaches me, and encourages me so much through him. I am eternally grateful that God brought him to me. Collin, you're my very best friend and I love you more than words! Happy 3 Years!

Monday, March 9, 2009

2 Months

My precious boy is 2 months old...it's hard to believe! He had his 2 month check up and shots this morning. I was totally dreading it, but thankfully we have a great pediatrician that made it as painless as possible and put my mind at ease (I was nervous about the shots). Our little boy weighed 12 lbs., 7 oz!!! He is in the 75th percentile for weight! He is also 24 inches long! Our 2 month old is 2 feet long - crazy! He's in the 90th percentile for height! And apparently his head isn't all that large because he was only in the 12th percentile for his head size. The nurse that did his shots was fast but it was really hard to watch. They give them 6 vaccines at 2 months - 5 shots and one oral vaccine. Cayden liked the oral vaccine - the nurse said it tasted like sugar water - but the shots were a different story. Cayden got 3 shots in one leg and 2 in another. He screamed and that precious bottom lip of his quivered and I stood there crying. It was awful! Thankfully, my mom was there and she helped a lot, but she was crying too! There's something so hard about watching your sweet little baby get 5 big needles in the legs. I think it made it worse too that he was all smiles and flirting with the nurse before she started sticking him. Poor thing! Here are his little legs with his Looney Toons band-aids.

He got 2 shots in the right leg and 3 shots in the left. Poor thing!

Excuse the blurry hands. He basically has to be asleep to get a still picture of him. The boy is active!

This picture has nothing to do with the shots, I just wanted you to see how cute these pants are!

Cayden has been a trooper today. I gave him some Tylenol when we got home and he's been sleepy and rather clingy. He wants to be near mommy a lot (we napped together earlier and now he's in the Baby Bjorn as I type this!). At least we don't have to go back to do that for another 2 months. And even then I don't think it's as many shots, thank goodness!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I guess we're Indian Home Buyers...

I mentioned in a previous post about our recent home buying experience. Let me take this time while the babe is asleep to explain what exactly happened. We had been looking for weeks and had finally found a house that we really liked. We had seen it a couple times and as we were looking at it a couple of Sunday afternoons ago, another couple showed up as we were about the leave. This was after our realtor told us that this house would not be on the market much longer. As we were driving to lunch after leaving the house, we got to talking about it in the car and decided that we wanted to make an offer. I called our realtor and she got started drafting up the paperwork immediately. Thus began a crazy turn of events - you know how it is when you're buying a house. We anxiously awaited to hear something the next day. Well, we got a call the next morning saying that another couple had placed an offer as well (I'm sure it was the couple that showed up as we left) and that we needed to go in with our best offer. After just a few minutes to talk about it and a quick call to our loan officer, we went in at full price. We found out later that night that we got the house over the other couple but instead of feeling excited and relieved, we felt anxious and stressed. It bothered us that in this economy we were going to be paying full price, especially for a house that was listed for more per square foot than other houses in the area. After praying about it, we decided that we rushed into the decision and that this wasn't the house for us. Neither of us had a peace about it. So, we backed out during our 10 day option period. We got our earnest money back and surprisingly, the sellers even mailed us our option fee back! We attribute this to a very nice letter that I wrote the sellers introducing who we are and why we liked their house. So, that's the deal with the house. We're still looking. That's basically all we do every weekend! It's hard to find something in this market that we like in a neighborhood that we like that is also in our price range. God has the right house in the right community for us. We just have to find it!

I will close with a picture of our big 2 month old! He turned 2 months on Friday...I can hardly believe it! He's getting so big. He is crazy long - we think he's going to be really tall. Look at his legs hanging off his bouncy seat! His head is not at the top of the seat...but still, he's long! I will post some more pictures of him soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ace, the Nurse Maid

We were worried about how Ace was going to do with Cayden around. Up to this point, he's been unsure of what to think about the baby. He will sniff him occasionally and he likes to watch him get bathed but for the most part, he keeps his distance. Well, I've been noticing him lately becoming more protective of Cayden. Well, yesterday he did the sweetest thing! I put Cayden in his swing and went to jump in the shower. Usually when I do that, Cayden swings contently until he falls asleep. As I'm in the shower, Ace comes in the bathroom and lets out the loudest cat scream that I've ever heard. It startled me so much that I literally jumped! I peeked my head out of the shower to see him starring at me wide eyed from the top of the toilet. I go back to showering, thinking about how weird that was, and a few minutes later, he does it again. This time even louder and twice in a row. I immediately get worried that something's wrong with Cayden so I jump out of the shower and run to check on him. Sure enough, Cayden is screaming his head off and Ace is right underneath the swing, walking back and forth and meowing. Ace had been going back and forth from the bathroom to Cayden trying to warn me that something was wrong! Of course, nothing was really wrong. Cayden just wanted to be held - I picked him up and comforted him and he was fine. But still... It totally made me think about the dog from Peter Pan who is the nanny/nurse maid. Ace, the nurse maid. Ha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Traveling with a 7 week old...

I don't recommend it. We had a great weekend visiting family in Houston, but we decided that we will never again voluntarily travel 300 miles with a newborn. It's not fun. Cayden did good on the drive up. As good as I would expect a little baby to do. The drive home was a little rougher. I think because it was such a short trip and he was in his car seat so much on Friday night that to have to get back in and stay for a long period not even 2 full days later was just too much for him. He fussed quite a bit and towards the end of the trip (somewhere around hour 7 that he had been in his car seat that day) he had had enough. We were SO glad to be home and out of the car that night but no one more than Cayden. He smiled so much when we took him out of his car seat. He stretched and threw his arms around and was in the best mood until he realized that it was night time and that's his designated fussy time. Ha!

We realized some new things about our little man from our time as a family in the car.

1- He is somewhat afraid of the dark. On Friday night, Cayden would start fussing and we'd turn on the light in the back of the SUV and he would calm down.

2- One of his love languages is touch. I've thought this for some time but it was confirmed on this trip. He would start crying, and I would reach back and touch his cheek or let him grab my hand and he was fine as long as mom was touching him.

3- The boy LOVES music. We've known this but man...it's so true. He's going to be our musical child.

4- There is this certain level of scream that he can reach that sounds just like a pig. It's kinda funny...at first.

It was so good to see Collin's family. We really enjoyed it and feel safe to say that they loved seeing Cayden as well :) Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Cayden with Papa D on Saturday morning.

Papa D is comfy to sleep on!

Cayden with Aunt Carissa and cousin Eden

Cayden with GG