Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank Heaven for Grandma's...

So this last week has been rough. I know every new parent feels like that but I really feel as though we've had it extra hard. I lost quite a bit of blood and am still finding it hard to get around. Cayden had a hard time getting the hang of breastfeeding. Actually, I take that back. He latched on like a champ and has a good, strong suck. Along with strong jaw muscles, he's also a little impatient. He didn't want to wait as long as it was taking for mom's milk to come in so he would suck several times and when it wasn't coming quite fast enough, he would start wailing. It made for a very difficult and tearful couple of days but thank goodness that we met with a lactation specialist and all is well now. He's been nursing great since last Saturday night. On Saturday afternoon, I was rushed back to the hospital due to some digestive issues that I won't bore you with, but let me tell you was awful. Thankfully, that's better now as well. I'm still slow getting around but things are gently starting to get better. I'm hoping by next week we'll be transitioning from survival mode into a predictable routine.

In the midst of all of our chaos, Charlotte (Collin's mom) came to stay with us for a few nights and I cannot put into words the godsend that she was. GG - we appreciate so much your help! We love you and think you're a great grandma!

Cayden did not sleep well a couple of nights ago - I actually only got about 30 minutes of sleep all night. Thank goodness my mom took off work and watched Cayden yesterday so that I could sleep whenever he was sleeping and try to get somewhat caught up. My poor mom became sick right after we brought Cayden home and we are so thankful that she is well now. We love you DeeDee and appreciate all that you do!

I had my 1 week postpartum check up today. Doc said that everything looks good and I don't have to go back for 5 weeks. Praise Jesus! They took blood to see how my body's recuperating from all the blood that I lost...we should get those results tomorrow. And, the most exciting news, I've already lost 24 pounds! My doc was even impressed by that!

Here are some pictures of Cayden...that's all anyone really wants to see anyway, right?!?

I am so in love with this little face! Notice the scratches on his left cheek. He's all about keeping his hands up by his face and scratches the mess out of himself. We keep mittens on him or those pj's with sleeves that fold over his hands, but he still manages to scratch himself up.

I don't know why babies feel the need to sleep this way but I think it's so cute!

After his bath on Tuesday night. His umbilical cord stump fell off yesterday so now we're just waiting for his circumcision to heal up and then we'll be able to put him in his tub instead of sponge bathing him. I think he'll enjoy that a lot more.

My sweet little frog!

All bundled up to go with mommy to her doctor's appointment. Figures the day that I have to go the weather is freezing!

He loves the car seat and we're so thankful! And thanks for this outfit GG and Papa D! It came in handy today :)

Alright, hope you enjoyed the pics. Once things become more normal, we'll be posting more regularly so that you can all keep updated with our precious little man. I'm off to try and catch a few zzz's before someone wakes up hungry!



fransmomma said...

oh, kristin, he is PRECIOUS!!! keep those pictures coming! glad you're feeling better. grandmas are SO wonderful!!

Honea Household said...

I am so glad things are getting back to normal for you guys. It's so hard. I got an epidural headache with the girl and was rushed to the hospital on day 3 of being home. It's so miserable having to worry so much about your self when all you want to worry about is your new little precious beautiful miracle baby. After all, every birth is truly a miracle.

He is precious Kristin and looks JUST like you, I think. I love you and will continue to pray for you.