Sunday, January 4, 2009


Since we are hours away from traveling to the hospital, I thought this would be a nice time to reflect on my pregnancy. I have been very blessed with a healthy pregnancy and baby. I never had horrific morning sickness (queasy but never vomited), I never got any stretch marks (hallelujah!), and all my tests and everything have come back great. As miserable as it gets at the end, I think that I might actually look back on pregnancy and miss it a little bit. I will miss feeling all of Cayden’s precious little kicks…knowing and feeling his every movement. I will miss the way people smile at me in public…people truly are nicer to you when you’re pregnant! I will miss charting the belly growth (although at the same time, I am eager to get my tummy back!!) and all of the changes that come with pregnancy. I will miss lying in bed with Collin at night and talking about what Cayden will look like, what he will be like, etc. Although I know that those conversations will be replaced with equally wonderful ones, I cannot help but feel a little emotional that very soon I will no longer be pregnant.

I also cannot help but think about how our lives are about to be completely turned upside down. We went yesterday and had a last date before Cayden comes. We went to eat brunch at MiMi’s and then ran some errands (we got Collin’s car washed, ran by our storage unit, and picked up a few last minute things at Babies R Us). A hot date, I know, but we just wanted to spend some time together alone. I know that we’ll still be “us” after Cayden’s here but I have found myself cherishing these moments even more lately. I am so glad that we’ve had the last 3 years together before we added to our family.

I’ve also been thinking about all of the things that I will NOT miss about being pregnant. So, in an effort to not be so sappy and focus on that, here are a few things that I have come up with:

Top 10 Things That I Will Not Miss About Being Pregnant (in no particular order):

  1. Having to use the restroom CONSTANTLY. And the crazy pinching feeling that started to happen to my bladder several weeks ago. And not being able to hold it, especially when standing.
  2. Eating 10 TUMS a day just to try and cope with the massive heartburn.
  3. Struggling to pick out anything to wear because it’s so late into my pregnancy that a lot of my maternity clothes (size small) no longer fit my huge stomach.
  4. Having to hoist myself up and use props to get out of bed every night multiple times to use the restroom.
  5. Always being out of breath.
  6. Waking up to aching hips every morning because my body is not used to me sleeping on my side with this extra weight.
  7. Wearing house shoes in public because none of my shoes fit my incredibly swollen feet.
  8. Not being able to cross my legs. Or paint my toenails on my own. (Thanks mom!)
  9. This horrible taste in my mouth that appeared a couple of months ago.
  10. The slowdown of the digestive system. This covers more than one thing that I have loathed about pregnancy but in order to not be graphic, I will leave it at that.

There are tons more things that I’m sure would come to mind if I sat here long enough but those are the things off the top of my head!

We are excited and anxious about tomorrow but most of all, just ready to get this show on the road! We will be leaving the house about 8:00 AM to head for the hospital, assuming that we don’t get a call telling us to come in earlier. We covet your prayers during this exciting but also a little scary time. Please pray for a healthy baby and mom and a safe and easy delivery for me. We will try and post tomorrow or the next day from the hospital with pictures of our little bundle of joy!


Kristi said...

Praying for you! We look forward to pictures!!!

Honea Household said...

I'll be praying!!!