Friday, January 23, 2009

Our 2 week old

Things are still a little crazy around the Day household but we are very slowly trying to adjust. Collin got the cold that my mom had so he's been battling that all week. I started to get it but was able to get on some medicine and knock it out before it got too bad. We have been trying to be extra careful around Cayden to keep him from getting sick.

Cayden had his 2 week check up on Tuesday and everything went really well. He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounce shy of his birth weight. They really want the baby to have gained their birth weight back by the time their 2 weeks but our pediatrician said that since Cayden had lost so much of his birth weight right after he was born (he lost down to 7 lb 5 oz) that he was very pleased with his weight gain. They like for the babies to have gained about an ounce a day and our little boy gained 13 ounces in 11 days so the doc said he's doing good on eating. Cayden is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height.

Some fun facts about our 2 week old:

  • He loves to cuddle and enjoys nuzzling up in his mommy's neck.
  • The noises that he makes are hilarious! He's a HUGE grunter...
  • He likes to poop right after he gets a diaper change!
  • He is starting to stare in people's eyes more often.
  • He loves to throw his arms around.
  • He loves to eat.
  • He likes to stick out his tongue and make all kinds of faces!
  • He loves to grab other peoples fingers and suck on his own (especially when hungry).
  • He poops and pees a lot!
  • He is very strong and likes to lift his head.
  • He does not enjoy diaper changes or his daddy's cold hands on his bare skin!
  • He's absolutely perfect!
We are completely sleep deprived (I say we, but mainly it's just me). I feel like I will never again sleep more than 2 hours in a row and get more than 4 hours of sleep a night but I know this will pass. My parents have been great helping out. Life would be even crazier without them. We are LOVING being Cayden's parents and are soaking in as much of his sweet little goodness as we can.


Kristi said...

He is just absolutely adorable!!!

Honea Household said...

Oh, he is SOO cute! I just want to cuddle with him. He looks so much like you Kristin. Have y'all gotten your baby pictures out and compared him to your pictures as a baby? You need to do that.

Clint said...

He's a huge grunter too? We should get him and Maylee together soon. They'd sound like a couple of cavemen! Cayden is awesome!