Friday, November 14, 2008

The Final Hurrah

Since we, along with our dearest friends the Simpson's, are about to embark on the journey of parenthood, we decided to take one final evening to get dressed up and go out on the town before the babies arrive. Clint, Ris, and I met Collin downtown (since he works there, he was already there) last night and ate dinner at the Reata. The Reata is a restaurant that I have always wanted to go to but have never been. It's a 3 story restaurant - the 3rd story is the roof and you can eat outside or under this beautiful dome. We ate under the dome and had a great view of downtown. Plus, the Lord blessed us with a full moon last night so it was especially beautiful. I have always loved downtown Fort Worth at night. There are lights in all of the trees and on many of the buildings. It's so pretty. No matter what time of year it is, it always feels a little like Christmas to me with all the lights. I love it! It was neat for Collin to get to be down there after dark - it's always light when he arrives and when he leaves, so he had never gotten to see it lit up. The weather last night was perfect. We really could not have picked a better night to go. Collin got a ribeye and I had chicken fried steak and it was SO good! I should have taken pictures of our food, but I didn't. We each got a dessert (something different) and then shared. They were so yummy! Here's a picture before we devoured the desserts.

Collin's office is right across the street from the Reata so we were all able to go over and see where he works. It was so nice and I loved being able to see where he spends his workdays! We took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures while we were there.

Is this chair not hilarious?! This is one of the seating options in the reception area/waiting room in Collin's office. It looks totally out of place. There's a normal leather couch and a few normal chairs and then this. Larissa and I were joking about how awkward it would be if you came into the office and that was the only chair left for you to sit in. Ha! You cannot tell from this picture, but the chair is so large that my feet weren't touching the ground! That's a big chair because I am 5'7"! We had a great time last night - it's so weird to think that pretty soon the 4 of us won't be able to do that without having to get babysitters!


Honea Household said...

Aww, how fun! You two look so cute prego!

Wayne & Rachel Nix said...

good idea about going out "one last time" and really it's funny how you get a babysitter and all you talk about is the baby! LOL HILARIOUS chair and very pretty pictures ! Praying for you girl!

Clint said...

You two ladies look beautiful, Collin looks like he could own the place, and I look like Studley Dudley! That was a fun night! We should do it again in two months and compare the pictures. Before and after babies shots.