Friday, October 17, 2008

Pictures and baby update!

We have not been good about taking pictures lately so last weekend we took a few! On Saturday night we went to dinner at this BBQ place out in Glen Rose and then we went to see The Promise. It's a musical about Jesus life that they have done since I can remember. I hadn't been since I was a child and, obviously, Collin had never been. He said it reminded him of pagaent at Houston's First Baptist Church. We went with my parents, some of their friends, and our friends Larissa and Clint. We had a good time - here are some pictures from the night. You can kind of tell how big I am getting - Clint joked in that shirt that my stomach sort of looked like a disco ball! Ha!

I had to post this picture of the boys at dinner - it makes me laugh.

So, now onto the baby update. This has been a weird baby week for us. I went to the doctor Monday morning for a check up and to do my glucose test. My doctor saw how swollen my feet were, especially my left one, and basically freaked out. I asked her if it was normal to have one foot way more swollen than the other and fully expecting to hear her say, "yeah, sure" she shocked me by saying, "Actually, no - it's not normal". She ordered a doppler flow study of my left leg to be sure I didn't have a blood clot. So, I went downstairs and checked into the hospital and had that done. It just took about an hour and came back that I do NOT have a blood clot. Praise the Lord! So, my doctor thinks that Cayden is just sitting on my left side. And since he's still breech - I didn't have another sonogram but I can just tell, he still only kicks me really low - then that means that he's probably sort of sitting up on the left side of my body facing the right side of my body. Imagine a little boy sitting up in a school desk. Larissa thinks it means he's advanced :) I tend to agree. He's definitely GT! So, back to the swollen feet thing, my doc put me on a low sodium diet and ordered me to spend several hours a day with my feet propped up, preferably level with my heart. I've been spending a lot of time in a recliner. And can I just tell you that EVERYTHING has sodium in it!!! An 8 oz glass of 1% milk has 130 mg of sodium. It's insane. It's been a bit of a challenge but the results this week are fabulous! My feet look like new feet. I went out last weekend and had to buy new shoes because none of my shoes (except flip-flops and it's starting to get chilly here) fit. I normally wear a 7 or 7 1/2 and had to buy an 8 WIDE and another pair that's an 8 1/2. Crazy. And now this week that the swelling's gone down, the shoes are a little big! Oh-well. Larissa reminded me last night that I still have at least 2 months to go so they might still swell a bit more even with this new lifestyle change. And in the meantime, I'll just wear those little thin flesh colored socks to fill out the extra room. But my blood pressure is still "stellar" in my doctor's words so that's really good.

My doc's office called a couple of days ago to let me know that I passed the glucose test with flying colors (which I was extra glad to hear because diabetes runs in my family and I was told that I was at advanced risk) but I am anemic with the latter part of this pregnancy so I am now on an iron supplement. So, that's been our exciting baby week!

Hope everyone reading this is doing super!!


Honea Household said...

I can't believe you didn't call me! But I am so glad you did not have a blood clot. That would not have been good. So is the doctor expecting Cayden to turn? I sure hope so.

I was anemic, too, and took Slow FE with both of my pregnancies. I think I still need to take it because I am SO tired all the time.

Wayne & Rachel Nix said...

What cute pictures!! Ya'll are so sweet.

I'm glad everything is okay with you! Praise God. I know whatcha mean about salt in everything... i got put on a low sodium diet due to high blood pressure & wow... it's amazing how much is in so many things!!
I'm praying for you!

I finally got on here & started a blog.. i have been meaning to for forever!! Thank you for introducing it to me...

Have a wonderful evening/whenever you read this!