Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I thought we left Kindergarten behind...

Collin started his job last Wednesday and things are going well. He likes his new boss and is enjoying working in downtown Fort Worth. He's working in Sundance Square, which is a trendy, fun area in downtown. Last Friday they had a music and art festival outside and Collin said there were booths set up and they played music all afternoon. Not super condusive when you're trying to get some work done, but it's a fun environment! They have really had him dive in to this new position. He is flying to Midland today (he left the house at 5:20 this morning!) to present his idea for how he thinks the company should implement financial plans to the branch in Midland. It's a little nerve-wracking being the new guy and being younger than everyone there so if you think about it, please pray for him to have safe travel and give a knock out presentation. I have no doubt that he'll do a great job :)

So now for the title of this post...I made Collin smile for a picture before he left for work last Wednesday morning. He obviously thought it was a silly idea but he appeased me and stopped getting ready in the bathroom long enough to let me snap a picture.

How cute is he?!? He called me from work at around lunchtime to tell me about his day thus far. He mentioned that it was kind of different the way the have their restrooms set up - you have to get a key from the receptionist to unlock the bathroom (it's a 1-holer). After we got off the phone, I started laughing thinking about how he probably felt like an elementary school kid: having his picture made before he left the house in the morning and then having to get a key from the receptionist to use the restroom. Ha!

I have been getting up early with him to feed him and get him out the door with ironed clothes! It's funny, I get up earlier now then I did when I was working! Then my days have been consumed with still trying to get things in order. We are dealing with a big mess getting our insurance switched over but I won't bother you with that drama. It will all work out, it's just a ridiculous process of seemingly endless (and frustrating) phone calls and waiting, etc. I am also still going round and round with several companies to tie up loose ends. For example, our former electric company in Sugar Land, due to Hurricane Ike, was not able to shut off our power. We are still paying for power there because our electric provider wasn't able to accept orders for disconnect when we were wanting that to happen. I was told yesterday that it should be shut off on Friday. I understand that it's not their fault that the hurricane came and they could not shut off our power, but that's not our fault either and I don't feel that we should be held liable for that bill. We'll see how that fight goes. I have a feeling already that I am going to lose but it's worth a try. There are so many things to get taken care of when you move and change jobs (and pregnancy definitely adds more to that list, as well!) - I feel like I am on the phone all day long. It's horrible how bad customer service is these days. Most people are not people of their word and companies do not follow through with what they tell you but I digress.

My mom and I went shopping last Friday and it was so nice just to be able to take a liesurely shopping trip with her. It used to be that Collin and I would just be here for a few days on a visit and if my mom and I went shopping, it was always rushed. It was nice to run around town for fun things. Like this precious baby book that we picked up for Cayden.

I had thought about making my own baby book but I decided that since I will be scrapbooking anyway that there was no point. This book has most of what I was wanting in a babybook anyhow and it's really cute! I haven't started writing in it yet - I have a pregnancy record book as well that I'm trying to stay updated with also.

Collin's pretty much back into a routine as far as work goes, but I have really missed him! I had him with me everyday for almost 2 weeks so when he had to go back to work, it was a little sad! We got quite a bit done before he started back the 8-5 gig so it was good.

I had intended to update on a few other things but I will do that later this week. I hope everyone is having a super week!


fransmomma said...

glad everything is going well--shopping with mom is so much fun, especially when you're pregnant!
i said a prayer for collin.
and i love your baby book!

Honea Household said...

aww, I'm glad he had a good first day at work! Jim would've never let me take his picture for that. Good job, Collin!