Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Day Turned Good

In my last post, I mentioned that Collin was on a business trip to Midland, Texas. For anyone who lifted him up in prayer, THANK YOU! It was a great day and he came home with the wildest tale of his adventure in Midland. And he hit a home run with his presentation...I knew he would :)

Now, let me tell you about my day last Wednesday. I woke up at 5:00 AM with Collin. Once he was out the door, I came upstairs to get some things done - pay bills, etc. before trying to catch a few more zzz's before my day would begin. Of course, right about then, Cayden goes crazy kicking me. I mean crazy. You would have thought I was growing a ninja. He's kicking me so much that it's impossible to get any rest so after about 10 minutes I decide to face facts and just get up and begin my day. I'm already on edge knowing that Collin has 2 plane rides and a big presentation that day so I decide to just make myself busy. After a few hours, my dad yells up the stairs to tell me that he's going on a motorcycle ride (he just bought a motorcycle a few weeks ago and acts like a young child where that bike is concerned - he's so giddy!) around the neighborhood. My parents live in a gated community where everyone has at least a couple of acres of land so there aren't many cars on the road...a conducive environment to someone who is still learning how to ride a motorcycle. I yelled back down that I had heard him and to be careful and kept on doing whatever it was that I was doing. After about 20 minutes of him still being gone, I started to get curious as to why he wasn't back yet and ran downstairs to investigate. I noticed that he had shut the garage, which I thought was weird but dismissed it. I decided that I was worrying needlessly (which I often do) and went back upstairs to continue my business. I told myself that it was a beautiful day and he probably was just having so much fun that he was driving around more than normal. After he had been gone over an hour, I started to worry. I put on my tennis shoes (which was terribly depressing because I discovered that I could barely fit my very pregnant and swollen feet into them) and uncomfortably walked out to my car. I got into the car, rolled the window down, and began slowly driving around the neighborhood looking for my dad. I drove slowly because I didn't want to drive up on him and startle him on his motorcycle. The longer that I drove around, the more my mind started jumping to conclusions...horrible conclusions (am I the only one who does this? I think it's a sickness...). I imagined my dad lying in a ditch somewhere in the neighborhood and started to panic. This is when I started yelling "Dad!" out the window and started frantically looking for him off in the distance. I should also mention that I did something to my neck on Monday in which made it hurt terribly and almost impossible to turn my head from side to side (especially the left side) or even up and down. This made turning to look out the window and yelling very difficult but I pushed through because I was worried. I began praying harder and the tears started to flow as I drove back to the house. He was no where to be found. I went inside and hesitantly picked up the phone. I didn't want to call my mom because she's a worrier too (although she wouldn't admit it) and I hadn't called my dad already because I was afraid that if he had the phone on vibrate that it would startle him while driving the motorcycle and it might cause him to have an accident. In hindsight, I know that this logic is ridiculous for more than one reason but I'm just telling you what I was thinking at the time. I dialed my dad's cell number and sure enough, he answers on about the 3rd ring, sounding mighty chipper. I don't remember exactly what I said but I'm sure it was something along the lines of, "WHERE ARE YOU?!?". Come to find out, he had driven to the church. Like 25 miles away. He had never driven the bike outside of our little sheltered neighborhood. I could have rung his neck. He apologized for upsetting me so much and promised that he took back roads and didn't go above 60 mph. When we got off the phone, I called my mom and immediately broke down and started sobbing. So, not only was dad in trouble with me that night but he was in trouble with mom...which is always way worse! He has slowly become less and less in the dog house as the week has gone on. He promised that he would never do that to his pregnant daughter again and that he will be honest about where he's going and about how long he should be gone. In his defense, he said that he wasn't necessarily planning on driving to the church but that it was a beautiful day and after he drove around the neighborhood about 3 times and felt good about it, he decided to just drive to the church. And he figured when I started to get worried that I would call him. My thing wasn't that he drove to the church (although my mom would have sang a different tune had she been in the loop), although I wouldn't have been thrilled about that. I had a problem with the fact he acted like he would be gone for 15 minutes and was gone for 3 hours!!! It's funny now but was NOT funny on Wednesday afternoon! Praise the Lord that he was OK!

It took me a while to calm down and finally, baby Cayden stopped squirming enough for me to get some rest. I layed down and thankfully, my dad got home shortly after that. Knowing he was safely in the house allowed me to get some sleep. When I woke up about an hour and a half later, my crying-induced headache was gone and I felt much better. I got on E-bay and discovered that the bedding items for Cayden's nursery that I had bid on, I actually won so I got excited about that! Don't worry - they're brand new...I'm not planning on putting my child in a stranger's used sheets! Then the mail came and lo-and-behold, I got a package from my sweet friend Ashley. She bought me a few maternity shirts and they're precious! It totally made my day and could not have come on a better afternoon :) Thank the Lord for good friends!

And then, by the time I was done making dinner, Collin texted me and told me that his plane had landed - praise Jesus! He got home about an hour and a half later and it was sooo good to see him. It was the perfect ending to the day.

Whew...that was really long! We have had a good weekend but I won't post about that now since this is already crazy long. I go for my glucose test in the morning so cross your fingers for no gestational diabetes!


Honea Household said...

I am so glad your dad was okay. I started breathing hard while I was reading your post, cuz my mind was doing the same thing yours was.

Glad you like to clothes.

Sorry I didn't call you back the other night! It wasn't over till late. I'll call you.