Monday, September 8, 2008

We're Moving!

So, remember a couple of posts ago when I said God was doing some very cool stuff in our lives…well, it all centers around the fact that we’re moving! And not down the street, we’re moving 300 miles away! Here’s the story:

So quite a while ago, Collin came to me and said that he’d been praying about something for a few weeks and he felt that it was time to talk to me about it. He proceeded to tell me that he had been feeling God calling him to another job and our family to another city. I was shocked. Collin is a native Houstonian…he’s lived here his whole life. When we got married, I sort of (subconsciously, I think) thought that we would live here forever. When he told me that God was placing a desire in his heart to move somewhere else, I was floored. I think if anyone would have touched me at that moment, I would have fallen over completely. I asked him if he had any idea where and he confidently said, “yes’. I was scared to ask where but before I got the chance, he said, “I feel God pulling us to Fort Worth.” WHAT?!? I sat there in amazement. Did he really just say my hometown? I could have passed out.

That conversation started a series of events including lots of prayer, questions, excitement, & disappointments. I won’t bore you with all the details but I will tell you that God has perfectly orchestrated this entire process, teaching us lots about waiting on Him, trusting in Him, and depending on Him. As of a little over a week ago, Collin has accepted a job with Mullins Wealth Advisors in downtown Fort Worth. It’s a great opportunity for him and we’re so excited to be starting this new chapter of our lives.

We have both turned in our letters of resignation at our current jobs and will be moving the weekend of September 20th! We will be moving in with my parents (so pray for us, but most of all, pray for them!) until we are able to find a house. Collin will start his new job on October 1st.

This is definitely a bittersweet time for us. We are excited about where God is leading us. It has been so evident that this is the right move for our family. The pieces have fallen into place perfectly and we both have an overwhelming peace that this is the right thing to do. We’re excited about finding a new church, getting into a house in a new community, and being closer to my side of the family. We are also VERY sad to be leaving the Day side of the family. Collin’s family is so wonderful and it’s terribly difficult to be moving away from them. We know that they are sad, but they have been nothing but supportive and gracious through this process and it has blessed us and made it so much easier on us. We will miss them terribly and will be visiting often!

We have a billion things going on right now between trying to spend time with people, packing (which I loathe), and getting all of the details of changing jobs, moving, house hunting, and having a baby taken care of! My dad made a joke that most people do these things one at a time…not us; we’re doing all of them within a 4 month period! So, if you think about it, we covet your prayers during this process.


fransmomma said...

are you going to find a dr in fort worth or drive back and forth to houston?

Honea Household said...

YAY!!! I am so excited! :) I so wish I was there to help you pack. I'm a pro, you know. Moving all the time as a kid and as many houses as Jim and I have had...

I'll pray for you.

Larissa said...


Were so excited to have y'all coming up our way!!!!

Wish I could help you pack during this crazy time but I'll def be helping with the unpacking!

Hope you guys had fun tonight!

Love ya!

The Day's said...


As much as I do like my doctor in Houston, I will NOT be commuting 4.5 hours! I have actually already found a doctor in Fort Worth who comes highly recommended and my first appointment with her is September 30th!


Thanks for your enthusiasm! I know that I don't have to tell you how thrilled we are :) And I totally wish that you were here to help me pack!


We are so excited to be living close to ya'll. This year is going to be so fun. Exhausting, but fun! And I'm totally counting on you for the help unpacking :)

Love you all!