Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cayden at 26 weeks

We met our new OB today! She is very nice and seems to be incredibly knowledgable. She spent a lot of time talking to us, which was a nice change from our doctor in Sugar Land. I liked my doctor there, but I always felt a little like cattle being hurried in and out. The appointments always seemed rushed and I never felt like I got a lot of personal attention. This doctor is the complete opposite. You almost can't get her to stop talking! We left feeling good knowing all kinds of information, not only about our baby's development and about delivery but also about the doctor and her family! I would much rather have it be this way than the opposite!

They did another sonogram of Cayden so we got to see him again. I love it! I could watch him all day :) He was sleeping this morning during the sonogram so he wasn't quite his wiggly little self but it was still awesome (and about 5 minutes after the sonogram he woke up and started kicking me...little stinker!). I mentioned to the sonographer that at our 20 week ultrasound we weren't able to get a picture ensuring us it's a boy (although we saw his little package during the sonogram so I don't know what I'm paranoid about) so we got that today! We were confident that he's a boy but it made me feel a little reassured now that everything is blue!!!

His sweet profile - I cannot wait to kiss his little face!

I love this picture. Look at his huge stomach! The sonographer said that's normal but oh-my-word... And I love his little right arm out, like he's punching or something.

And here's the infamous boy shot. You can definitely see his little wee wee!

We also learned that he's still in the breech position. The doctor said that usually by 28 weeks they "migrate south" so hopefully in the next couple of weeks he'll change position. She said that they weren't planning on doing another sonogram until 36 weeks but that since he's still breech at this point, they might do another one at about 32 weeks or so to see if he's moved. If not, she mentioned some exercises that she will have me do and to demonstrate one of them, she got down on the floor on all fours. She put her face down the the ground and starts moving her body in a weird motion and I knew that Collin was trying so hard not to die laughing! It was pretty funny. She also mentioned this procedure that she could do in which she would try and turn the baby. She said it's sort of a last resort and not fun...I would need to have an epidural or go under some sort of local anesthesia so let's hope it doesn't come to that. At this point I'm not thrilled with the idea of having a scheduled c-section but the doc said if he's still breech and won't turn, then that's what will happen. We're not worried at this point, though, it's still early.

Collin starts his new job tomorrow morning and he's excited and anxious about that. I'll post tomorrow about how it goes. I'll also put up a belly shot because man...here lately, pregnant girl's tummy is getting mighty big! I'm growing out of some of my small sized maternity clothes...AAGGHHHH! Also, we started the house hunting process yesterday and came close to putting in an offer on a house! So crazy...stay tuned for details!


Honea Household said...

The pictures are precious! I can't wait to kiss his little face either! :) And I will pray that he turns south! :)

Love you.

The Vann's said...

Hey Kristin! I love the pictures of baby Cayden! I can't wait to see him and hold him!

Miss you guys!!


Anonymous said...

My daughter saw a chiropractor when her baby was breech. The 2nd visit was successful with the turning of the baby. Just a tip that worked.

~Jody said...

glad things are going well in Far Far Away...can't wait to see you guys when you come back to see us!