Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cayden at 26 weeks

We met our new OB today! She is very nice and seems to be incredibly knowledgable. She spent a lot of time talking to us, which was a nice change from our doctor in Sugar Land. I liked my doctor there, but I always felt a little like cattle being hurried in and out. The appointments always seemed rushed and I never felt like I got a lot of personal attention. This doctor is the complete opposite. You almost can't get her to stop talking! We left feeling good knowing all kinds of information, not only about our baby's development and about delivery but also about the doctor and her family! I would much rather have it be this way than the opposite!

They did another sonogram of Cayden so we got to see him again. I love it! I could watch him all day :) He was sleeping this morning during the sonogram so he wasn't quite his wiggly little self but it was still awesome (and about 5 minutes after the sonogram he woke up and started kicking me...little stinker!). I mentioned to the sonographer that at our 20 week ultrasound we weren't able to get a picture ensuring us it's a boy (although we saw his little package during the sonogram so I don't know what I'm paranoid about) so we got that today! We were confident that he's a boy but it made me feel a little reassured now that everything is blue!!!

His sweet profile - I cannot wait to kiss his little face!

I love this picture. Look at his huge stomach! The sonographer said that's normal but oh-my-word... And I love his little right arm out, like he's punching or something.

And here's the infamous boy shot. You can definitely see his little wee wee!

We also learned that he's still in the breech position. The doctor said that usually by 28 weeks they "migrate south" so hopefully in the next couple of weeks he'll change position. She said that they weren't planning on doing another sonogram until 36 weeks but that since he's still breech at this point, they might do another one at about 32 weeks or so to see if he's moved. If not, she mentioned some exercises that she will have me do and to demonstrate one of them, she got down on the floor on all fours. She put her face down the the ground and starts moving her body in a weird motion and I knew that Collin was trying so hard not to die laughing! It was pretty funny. She also mentioned this procedure that she could do in which she would try and turn the baby. She said it's sort of a last resort and not fun...I would need to have an epidural or go under some sort of local anesthesia so let's hope it doesn't come to that. At this point I'm not thrilled with the idea of having a scheduled c-section but the doc said if he's still breech and won't turn, then that's what will happen. We're not worried at this point, though, it's still early.

Collin starts his new job tomorrow morning and he's excited and anxious about that. I'll post tomorrow about how it goes. I'll also put up a belly shot because man...here lately, pregnant girl's tummy is getting mighty big! I'm growing out of some of my small sized maternity clothes...AAGGHHHH! Also, we started the house hunting process yesterday and came close to putting in an offer on a house! So crazy...stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on our big move!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we're here! The last week has been a whirlwind but I'll try to mention all of the noteworthy things. Last week was spent packing like crazy. On Friday, we both had our last days of work. My office threw me a surprise baby shower/going away party. It really helped to make my last day working there special and it meant a lot to me. We got lots of cute things for our little boy! My sweet friend Christa made 4 dozen cupcakes and spelled Cayden's name out. It was cute and very yummy! Here are a couple pictures.

I have a cuter picture than the above one, where I am not laughing, but it came out a little blurry. Oh-well!

Collin's office took him out to lunch last Thursday and Friday and then also had a little shin-dig for him after work on Friday. He didn't get a bunch of cute baby things like I did but he did get a bound book of some photoshoped pictures that his friends at work had done over his last 3 years of working there. 1 of the pictures was from a prank that they pulled last Thursday - kind of a final goodbye prank. They drove Collin's car to the McDonald's across the street from the office and left it there, after writing on it in white shoe polish, "FOR SALE $1,000 OBO". Collin started getting all of these phone calls on his cell phone that afternoon and had no idea what was going on. Like 10 calls in 15 minutes! He finally figured it out and they all got a big laugh out of it. Ha!

My parents arrived in Sugar Land on Friday afternoon and we spent that night packing up and loading cars. Actually, I say "we" but I didn't really do much. After doing a few things I was sent to the bedroom with Ace where we remained for a little while everyone else did manual labor. I felt really guilty not being able to do much while everyone else sweat and lifted and grunted in the other room, but everyone was really gracious about it. Saturday was an exhausting day of packing and loading the rental truck. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law, Nick, along with my parents and one of Collin's friends were a HUGE help on Saturday. Thank you so much to all of you! We arrived in Fort Worth at about 9:30 PM on Saturday night and were all sooo tired. And you should have seen my ankles - I've never seen such swollen feet in all my life. I would have taken a picture if I had known where my camera was! I literally had no ankle on my left foot. For some reason, my left foot swells a lot more than my right. So weird.

We have unpacked most things and are trying to get settled as best we can. We got a storage unit in town (it's weird typing that phrase..."in town", but if you saw where my parents live - out quite a ways in a neighborhood where each house is on at least 2 acres of land - you would understand that it really is a drive going "to town". And we use that phrase. It's sort of surreal to hear Collin say things like, "Do we need to pick up anything else while we're in town?" Ha!) so that's where a majority of our things are being held. We have quite a few things to get done before Collin starts his new job next Wednesday so it's nice to have this time. We already have a tour of the hospital that I will be delivering at set up in October and then we're taking a birthing class in November. We're doing both of those things with our friends the Simpson's that are due the middle of December. We're so blessed to be going through this with them. It makes it even sweeter and lots more fun! I have a doctor here and our first appointment with her is on September 30th. I've heard nothing but fabulous things about her and am eager to meet her! And they're doing another sonogram so we get to see our precious little boy again - I can hardly wait! Speaking of Cayden, we also went and registered at Pottery Barn Kids today. We decided to go with the alphabet bedding and are really excited about it!

Collin is trying to get a Bible study started with a friend here (Clint, of the infamous Simpson's) and he's very eager to get the ball rolling on it. He's excited about the study of God's word and the accountability most of all but also to meet some more Godly men in our new town. I am so excited for him! We have visited McKinney Memorial Bible Church when we were here a few weeks ago and really liked it. We aren't sure where we're going to join quite yet but getting plugged in to a church soon is top priority for both of us. We're so eager to discover what God has for us here and to find new ways to serve.

Ace is not doing as well with all of the change as we had hoped. We knew that last weeks have been a little stressful for him with all of the trips up here and then all of the boxes and the moving but we figured that once we got here that he would begin to adjust. Well, not so much. At least not yet. Our previously fun-loving, sweet, adores all people and acts more like a dog than a cat cat is gone. And instead we have a temperamental and sometimes mean cat. Ace acts fine to Collin and I. He rubs up on us and will cuddle with us in the night - same old Ace. But to my parents...he's not so nice. Especially my dad. We've caught Ace hissing at them and even clawing at them. My dad has gotten scratched. It's so weird. We aren't sure what the deal is. Normally, he loves people. And he's never had a problem with my parents, or anyone, before. It's so strange. I'm starting to get really concerned about what's going to happen when Cayden arrives. Collin doesn't think it will be a big deal. He says that it's a phase and once things settle down and we get back into a routine, all will be normal again. I really hope he's right! Have you ever had experience with that? My friend Larissa said that maybe we should start getting out baby lotion and letting Ace smell it while he's eating or something so he associates that smell with food, it makes a positive association in his mind, and he doesn't mind it. I'm not sure what to do. We welcome suggestions!

We have a realtor and are meeting with them on Monday of next week to go look at houses. We are living with my parents in the meantime and so far it's working out nicely. We basically have the entire upstairs to ourselves so we do have some sense of privacy. It's nice getting to eat with them every night and share food! Collin is loving it because I do not buy Dr.Pepper (I am not big on soda...I think it's terrible for you and we rarely have it in our home) and my mom does so he's getting a special treat!

So, that's basically what's going on in our world. I know this is insanely long but we've had a lot going on! We hope that everyone reading this is doing fabulous. Drop us a line and let us know what's new in your world!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're Officially Fort Worthians...

I don't know if that's actually a term. I should know that seeing as I grew up here. If you live in Houston, you're called a "Houstonian", I'm not sure what you're called if you live in Fort Worth. Anyway, we made it here late Saturday night. We are still exhausted and are slowly trying to get our things situated and find a place for everything. We are really blessed that my parents have a big house - we're not on top of one another or anything so it's made the transition easier. Collin doesn't start work until October 1st so we have the next week to get settled and get all the last minute things done. It hasn't quite sunk in that we live here yet. It just feels like we're here on a visit. We don't think it will truly sink in until Collin starts going to work everyday. We've got some errands to run so I'm going to have to make this short. I just wanted to write a quick update. Details will be coming!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's in a name?

We are very excited to announce that our little boy has a name! His name will be...


Here's how we came up with it: About 4 1/2 years ago, we were teaching a Sunday School class together at Sagemont Church. There was an adorable little boy in there named Cayden and we both instantly loved that name. From that point on, when we talked about the then hypothetical son that we someday hoped to have, we always referred to him as Cayden. So, when we found out that we were expecting a boy, the first name was obvious. We played with middle names for a while. We finally decided to go with Glenn. It's a family name - it's Collin's middle name, his father's middle name, and his grandfather's middle name. I really wanted Cayden to have a part of Collin's name in his own and this way, Cayden will have a part of all 3 of those amazing men in his name. To be completely honest, it's not our favorite name in the world, and we joke now about how Cayden will probably not like it when he's young, but we love the sentimental meaning behind it. And we feel confident that someday Cayden will appreciate that as well. He has a long line of Godly men to live up to...and in that, we are so honored.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Happenings

The past week has been a whirlwind but we're alive and well...praise the Lord. I will try to make this as brief as possible. We evacuated in a huge hurry last Wednesday night. We decided that since Ike had moved directions and with me being pregnant, we didn't want to take any chances (with having no power and food shortages, etc.) so we went ahead and fled the city. We drove to my parents in Fort Worth and got there in the middle of the night. Collin's family also fled the city and we felt much better once we knew they were all safely out. We were glued to the TV watching coverage of the storm for the next several days. Broke my heart watching the devastation. Our area in Sugar Land wasn't hit too bad. There are trees down and roof damage, but nothing too horrible. We got word that we had power (several areas in Sugar Land still don't), so we decided to get up early yesterday morning and drive back. We were saddened driving back into Houston yesterday. Huge trees on top of peoples houses, street lights hanging by a wire so low that they can almost touch tall vehicles, trees blocking roadways, roofs blown completely off. The further we got into Houston the longer the line of cars at gas stations seemed to get. I've never seen anything like it. I should try to get a picture of it. We got to our home and thankfully, there was no damage. Collin's parents and grandparents had it worse, especially his grandparents, but they have power now and no major damage to their houses. I am at work today - Collin will go back tomorrow. Many people at my office are without power and have damage to their homes. The president of my company has a giant tree through one of the windows in his house. And he's without power. And has a 3 year old. I have a friend that lives in Pearland (which is southeast) who has a 2-story house. The roof of her house collapsed and is on the second floor. Her and her hubby have a 2 year old and a 3 month old. And no power. So many people have it really bad right now. It's terrible...

We filled my car up with gas yesterday in College Station before we got into Houston so I still have about 3/4 of a tank. Collin's car is completely empty and we're dreading having to get it. Collin said that this afternoon it looks like the gas line at the station across the street isn't quite as backed up so maybe we'll be able to get it after waiting in line for only an hour or so. Local news has been on the TV at my office all day and they've been announcing which gas stations around the city actually have gas, many are out. I went yesterday and bought locking gas caps for both of our cars.

Collin walked to Kroger this afternoon (it's right across the street) and said there's hardly anything there. We stocked up on food when we passed through College Station yesterday(which by the way, the grocery store that we stopped at in College Station was out of all cartons of normal, non-organic or Promise Land milk...they were out all the way in College Station - that's like 90 miles from where we live...does that give you an idea of how bad it is?!?), so we should be OK until we move this weekend. Since we weren't here all weekend and had planned to do a majority of our packing then, we are really behind on getting ready to move. Not to mention that the aftermath of the storm has proved to be difficult in planning a move, anyway. We covet your prayers during the next several days. I keep thinking about how we're going to look back on this time and laugh, thinking about how crazy everything was and saying things like, "I cannot believe that we did all of that." But right now, in the midst of it, it's not funny!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We're Moving!

So, remember a couple of posts ago when I said God was doing some very cool stuff in our lives…well, it all centers around the fact that we’re moving! And not down the street, we’re moving 300 miles away! Here’s the story:

So quite a while ago, Collin came to me and said that he’d been praying about something for a few weeks and he felt that it was time to talk to me about it. He proceeded to tell me that he had been feeling God calling him to another job and our family to another city. I was shocked. Collin is a native Houstonian…he’s lived here his whole life. When we got married, I sort of (subconsciously, I think) thought that we would live here forever. When he told me that God was placing a desire in his heart to move somewhere else, I was floored. I think if anyone would have touched me at that moment, I would have fallen over completely. I asked him if he had any idea where and he confidently said, “yes’. I was scared to ask where but before I got the chance, he said, “I feel God pulling us to Fort Worth.” WHAT?!? I sat there in amazement. Did he really just say my hometown? I could have passed out.

That conversation started a series of events including lots of prayer, questions, excitement, & disappointments. I won’t bore you with all the details but I will tell you that God has perfectly orchestrated this entire process, teaching us lots about waiting on Him, trusting in Him, and depending on Him. As of a little over a week ago, Collin has accepted a job with Mullins Wealth Advisors in downtown Fort Worth. It’s a great opportunity for him and we’re so excited to be starting this new chapter of our lives.

We have both turned in our letters of resignation at our current jobs and will be moving the weekend of September 20th! We will be moving in with my parents (so pray for us, but most of all, pray for them!) until we are able to find a house. Collin will start his new job on October 1st.

This is definitely a bittersweet time for us. We are excited about where God is leading us. It has been so evident that this is the right move for our family. The pieces have fallen into place perfectly and we both have an overwhelming peace that this is the right thing to do. We’re excited about finding a new church, getting into a house in a new community, and being closer to my side of the family. We are also VERY sad to be leaving the Day side of the family. Collin’s family is so wonderful and it’s terribly difficult to be moving away from them. We know that they are sad, but they have been nothing but supportive and gracious through this process and it has blessed us and made it so much easier on us. We will miss them terribly and will be visiting often!

We have a billion things going on right now between trying to spend time with people, packing (which I loathe), and getting all of the details of changing jobs, moving, house hunting, and having a baby taken care of! My dad made a joke that most people do these things one at a time…not us; we’re doing all of them within a 4 month period! So, if you think about it, we covet your prayers during this process.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I think we have a little Republican on our hands...

Did you see Sarah Palin give her speech last night? We watched it and loved it! I thought that she did such a great job. I like her so much and am so fired up about her as the Republican VP nominee!

But I'm not the only one...our little babe was going crazy while she was speaking. He was kicking and twirling all around. He was so consistently active that Collin was able to feel him move for the first time! He's been moving around for a while now but he seems to be active at inopportune times for Collin to feel. Or he'll be moving and then Collin will put his hand on my stomach and he'll stop moving. Little stinker! But Collin was finally able to feel him last night. So cool! This whole pregnancy thing is so wonderfully weird. I love it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just random things...

How sweet is this?!? I ordered this, along with some other precious things, online last week and I am waiting for it to come in. I can hardly wait to see our sweet little boy wearing this next spring/summer!

We have so much stuff going on right now - God is totally rockin' our world and we're just trying to keep up. A big update is coming on all that's going on in our lives so stay tuned for that.

We ordered our little boy's furniture this weekend! They were having a Labor Day sale so we got 10% off plus paid no shipping. I wanted to go ahead and order because I had been eyeing this furniture for months - I LOVE it. I saw that it was already on backorder until October 18th and I was afraid that it wouldn't ship for 6-10 weeks after that. I want to have the nursery furnished and decorated before the baby arrives so we went ahead and decided to order. I asked the lady when we should get it and she was like, "Oh, you should have it about a week after the backorder date." I was very pleasantly surprised. So, we shouldn't have to worry about having the furniture in time. We ordered the crib, conversion rails, and dresser (which we will use as a changing table as well). It's a rich, beautiful cherry wood color. You cannot really tell from the picture below, but it has very detailed scroll work. It's really pretty! We haven't decided on the bedding yet - it will be one of the 4 in the last post - but all of those beddings will look good with this furniture. So exciting!