Saturday, August 16, 2008

19 weeks and other ramblings

We are 19 weeks and 3 days today! It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is almost halfway over. My stomach is definitely growing. It's weird because it seems like at the end of the day my stomach is HUGE and I think things like, "Are we sure there's just one baby in there?" or "Oh-my-goodness…if I'm this big already, I am going to be GIGANTIC by 36 weeks!" Then I will wake up in the morning (or on one of my frequent trips to the potty in the middle of the night) and look at my belly in the mirror and it looks normal. It looks pregnant but there's just a little pooch instead of half of a basketball protruding from my gut. I know that your digestive system slows way down when you're pregnant so a lot of the bigness is from bloating I guess. Here's a picture at 19 weeks.

I think that I felt the baby move a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting at my desk at work being still and I got this flip flop feeling on the left side of my stomach. I'm not sure if it was the baby or not but it was strong enough that it made me stop what I was doing and immediately grab my stomach. Then I didn't feel anything for about a week and a half. I was starting to doubt that I had ever felt anything at all. Then I felt it again a couple of nights ago in the same spot. I told Collin that it probably wasn't the baby because it was in the same exact spot and I just blew it off. Then several nights ago, I am almost positive I felt the baby. We were laying down watching TV and I got up out of bed and started walking (to the bathroom…big shocker!) and all of a sudden I felt this tiny pinching from the inside of my stomach on the opposite side. I was so excited! Collin immediately wanted me to come over so that he could see if he could feel anything. He really wants to be able to feel the baby move! I have felt similar little pinching feelings a couple of times since then. So exciting!

Don't you just love the Summer Olympics? I have been so tired every morning from staying up late watching them (side note: late to me is anytime after 10:00 PM)! Michael Phelps is killing it and I love watching him because he is so genuinely excited, hard working, and doesn't come across as conceited. I love it when humble people do really well! And Shawn Johnson from the US Girls Gymnastic team is my favorite little cutie! When Collin and I are watching the games and she comes on, I am always making comments like, "She's so adorable…I just want to squeeze her!" Ha! I'm not normally a huge TV watcher but I really enjoy the summer Olympics. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Only 3 days until we find out what Baby Day is!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Little Mama,
Aren't you cute with your little belly? Yes, we are enjoying the Olympics too. Last night we watched till it was over. Have a blessed weekend!

fransmomma said...

i felt the same way when i was pregnant the first time. i remember thinking "i can't possibly get any bigger than this!!" but boy did i! :)
you look great! if collin can't feel the baby for another couple of weeks or so, thats normal. i was feeling both of our move a good 3 or 4 weeks before allen could feel them from the outside. tell him not to get discouraged! love ya, girl.

Honea Household said...

I love your belly! so cute! I wish I could pat it! ;) Just kidding. You HAVE to text me what the baby is when you find out. Are you going to tell a name?