Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just random things

We are leaving this evening for Fort Worth and are so excited! We are firm believers that you need to get-a-way every now and again and are so eager to be vacating our lives for a few days. We are going to spend time with family, hang out with friends, and just have a great time! We always go to Granbury Lake to watch the fireworks on July 4th and the show is always amazing. I love watching fireworks! We will be returning to Houston on Sunday. We're both already wishing that we could go for longer than 4 nights.

We are officially in the second trimester today - yay! I was unrealistically hoping that I might wake up this morning feeling completely rejuvinated and such luck. I'm still exhausted and queasy (and I'm getting fat, but that's a whole different can of worms. I was not expecting to be having these wardrobe difficulties at 13 weeks of pregnancy. I guess my body's doing what it should! That's what I keep telling myself. ) Hopefully the glories of the second trimester will set in this weekend while we're out of town. We have lots of fun things planned and I want to feel great to do them all!

I am really ready to quit my job. I am hoping to find something that I can do from home part-time after the baby comes (and for the few months before). Legit work-from-home jobs are hard to find so if you know or hear of something that doesn't require you to pay thousands of dollars to get into, let me know. Speaking of work, a guy left my boss a voicemail earlier who said that he saw a lot of articles by our company in various business journals and wanted to know how he could write articles and have them published in business journals. Are you kidding me? My boss had me call him back and explain how it works. Neat. The funny thing is that this guy is a pretty high-up at Windstream Communications. Ridiculous. And then I just got chewed out by this ignorant lady that we're doing a deal with. I really would like a new job. Like really. Please! Help!

Everyone have a fabulous Independence Day!!!


The Vann's said...

I hope you 2 had a great 4th of July! I can't believe you are already in your 2nd trimester. WOW. So soon we will know if we will have a baby niece or nephew! Can't wait!
Love you,