Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Take on Maternity Wear

Clothes shopping when you’re feeling bloated is tough on the self-esteem if not the wallet. Still, having had a plethora of college roommates and a pretty extensive wardrobe myself, I’ve never really had a problem finding clothes that were flattering on my body type. That all changed once I began to show.

I had mixed emotions where starting to show was concerned. There was a big part of me that was thrilled to see tangible daily proof that there actually is a baby growing inside of me. There was another part of me that was dreading going through that awkward in between stage where your clothes are snug and you just look like you're getting a little plump around the middle. Fun times.

Until a few weeks ago, I had been successful at cramming myself into my once happenin' clothes and refused to even glance at the maternity stores in the mall for fear of getting sucked into the disastrous fashion world of maternity clothes. I suffered, but I stood my ground. Now at a full 4 months along, I have surpassed the "is-she-pregnant-or-has-she-just-been-eating-too-much-Ben-and-Jerry's?" question that the rest of the world seemed to ask themselves just a couple of short weeks ago. Of course I still had the same stylish clothes but instead I had the "your-gut-is-too-big-to-be-wearing-that" look going. Clearly something had to be done.

So that's how I came to finally open a bag stuffed full of clothes from my sister-in-law who generously donated her old maternity clothes to this ever growing body of mine. Oh, I've had it in my closet for weeks but only recently has the reality of my belly (...and booty...and chest - I call it the triple threat) set in. I grab a pair of black pants complete with a full 6 inch-tall elastic waistband designed to wrap around your belly and "hide" beneath your shirt - you know the type. I reluctantly pull them up, right over my stretched-to-the-limit underwear and to my amazement I had never been so comfortable in all my life! Spread the news! Maternity clothes totally rock! Sexy in the traditional sense, no way. But my newfound comfort seems like the sexiest thing ever. And there just may be no going back :)


Rissa said...

Oh the joys of our ever changing bodies! Just remenber it could be worst, we could also be 8 and 9 months pregnant right now in this Texas heat! God bless those mamas who are!

Honea Household said...

I think it is SO crazy that you posted about this...

I was in Target this afternoon and they had the CUTEST!!! maternity brown pants on clearance for $6!!! I almost called you to ask you what size you were so I could buy you some, but then I remembered - don't you have a hard time finding pants long enough? If not, tell me what size you wear and I want to buy you some. They are ADORABLE!!!

Maternity clothes ARE so comfortable! I had a pair of jean capris that I wore even after the boy was born until they just started falling off of me. They were so comfortable!

Love you and I'm so excited for you!!!

Honea Household said...

Also, a blogger friend of mine, Kelly at Kelly's Korner, is pregnant, too and she wrote a post about some maternity jeans that are really comfortable. I hadn't heard of them. Read her post here.

Kelly also takes pictures weekly and holds a fruit!

Ben and Crystin said...

Amen! W/ my 1st pregnancy I kept wanting to wear all my regular shirts but as my waist expanded you could see that pants line around your stomach through the shirt material...and if you sat it was like a pooch over the waistline...very unsightly...so w/ this one- I thought- I'm not even going to try- I got out the maternity clothes early and have been so comfy and not had a worry about waistline issues at all. Side note: Ok, so when you left a comment on our blog a long time ago...I didn't know it actually meant you were pregnant! Then Ben told me about a week ago! I've been so out of it. I'm 20 weeks right now so we're really close. I'm so excited for you guys! Are you finding out what you are having?...we aren't this time! Talk to you later.