Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fort Worth fun!

Sorry for the cheesy title of this blog but I didn't know what else to call it. We had such a great 4th of July in Fort Worth. My mom and I went maternity clothes shopping and it was really fun! Since we don't live close we don't get to go shopping together much and we both really enjoyed it. You might be tempted to think, "You're only 14 weeks pregnant, you shouldn't need maternity clothes yet"...and you would be WRONG. None of my pants or skirts fit anymore. It's ridiculous. I'll post more about my thoughts on maternity wear in a later post. Anyway, back to Fort Worth. We spent July 4th in Granbury, like we always do, and the fireworks did not disappoint, once again. (Granbury is this cute little town right outside Fort Worth that always makes a big deal out of Independence Day. They have an outside craft show where they sell all kinds of neat things and have tons of super yummy and fattening foods. They have adorable little shops that we always go in, mostly to get a break from the heat! They had some of the cutest little baby clothes that I really wanted to buy, but I refrained since we would have had to buy yellow right now since we don't know what we're having yet!) We also ate dinner at this restaurant called Babe's and it's soooo good. They don't have them in Houston and it's such a shame. It's a family style chicken place and it's AMAZINGLY GOOD. Collin eats enough to feed a family of 4 when we go there. Everytime we leave there, I say something to the effect of, "That's the most I have ever seen you eat." It's really pretty funny.

Right after dinner at Babe's. Notice the courthouse in the background. So cute!

My little baby bump. And yes, in case you noticed, I cut my hair! Collin said it's my "mommy 'do"!

On Saturday, we hung out with the Simpson's and had a blast, as always. That night, we celebrated my dad's birthday with family and friends and it was great. The food was very yummy - good job, Mom! Here are some pictures from that evening.

If you're wondering what's up with the holding of the stomach's, they're pregnant, too! Due 3 weeks before us - so fun!

On Sunday after church, we met up with my Uncle Mike, Aunt DiAnn, cousin Jeff, his wife, Diana, and their 10 month old little girl, Macy, for lunch. We hadn't seen Macy since Christmas so she was so much bigger! She was smiling and laughing and full of personality!

Isn't she so cute? She's the spitting image of my cousin.

She was trying hard to rip that necklace from around my neck!

Collin, me, and my dad at Olive Garden. We left Sunday afternoon to head back to Houston. It was a great trip! Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday weekend!


Honea Household said...

Aww, you look SOOOO cute! :) I am so excited for you! :) And I love you hair by the way! Glad y'all had a fun weekend.

Yes, Jim can see awesome today! He's at his post-op right now so hopefully everything looks good! He's been there for a while, so I hope nothings wrong!

So you really didn't look at the eyeball pics? Are you serious? It is SO cool! It's not the actual real thing...I took a picture of the computer screen that showed it all. Think of it that way.

Love you.

The Day's said...

I love your hair, too! I meant to write that in your comment! I never know if I should post a response on my blog or on the latest post on yours. Yeah, I couldn't look at the pictures. I think lasik is a great thing, but I am really weird about eyes...they gross me out very easily. I'm so glad Jim's seeing great. What a blessing!