Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apple anyone?

Our baby is the size of an apple this week - about 4 1/2 inches! I get emailed an update every week telling me what's going on with the baby. It seems like week after week the baby is always being compared to some type of fruit! This week the baby is developing taste buds, among all sorts of other cool things. This process is so makes me even more in awe of our precious Lord.

And here's a picture of my growing stomach. It's kind of hard to tell with the brown dress on - sorry! It's definitely seemed to pouch out here lately. I've had people who didn't know that I was pregnant say things to me about it so I'm hoping that we're almost to the end of the awkward, "Is-she-pregnant-or-just-fat?" stage.

I'm also thrilled to announce that our dear friends the Simpson's (who are pregnant and due the middle of December) just found out last week that they're having a girl and we're SO EXCITED!!! Yay for baby girls! Now if we just knew what we were having... About another month or so!!


Honea Household said...

You are adorable! I love your brown dress! I can't wait to find out what you're having! You should put a vote thing up on your blog.

Rissa said...

Happy 16 weeks!!! Only 24 to go, Woohoo!

Now we need to get you to 20 so we can find out what that sweet baby Day is.

Also I need a name for my baby girl, I guess I need to make a decision.......

Thanks again for being such a sweet friend and for the beautiful care package. Your amazing!

Love ya!