Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Take on Maternity Wear

Clothes shopping when you’re feeling bloated is tough on the self-esteem if not the wallet. Still, having had a plethora of college roommates and a pretty extensive wardrobe myself, I’ve never really had a problem finding clothes that were flattering on my body type. That all changed once I began to show.

I had mixed emotions where starting to show was concerned. There was a big part of me that was thrilled to see tangible daily proof that there actually is a baby growing inside of me. There was another part of me that was dreading going through that awkward in between stage where your clothes are snug and you just look like you're getting a little plump around the middle. Fun times.

Until a few weeks ago, I had been successful at cramming myself into my once happenin' clothes and refused to even glance at the maternity stores in the mall for fear of getting sucked into the disastrous fashion world of maternity clothes. I suffered, but I stood my ground. Now at a full 4 months along, I have surpassed the "is-she-pregnant-or-has-she-just-been-eating-too-much-Ben-and-Jerry's?" question that the rest of the world seemed to ask themselves just a couple of short weeks ago. Of course I still had the same stylish clothes but instead I had the "your-gut-is-too-big-to-be-wearing-that" look going. Clearly something had to be done.

So that's how I came to finally open a bag stuffed full of clothes from my sister-in-law who generously donated her old maternity clothes to this ever growing body of mine. Oh, I've had it in my closet for weeks but only recently has the reality of my belly (...and booty...and chest - I call it the triple threat) set in. I grab a pair of black pants complete with a full 6 inch-tall elastic waistband designed to wrap around your belly and "hide" beneath your shirt - you know the type. I reluctantly pull them up, right over my stretched-to-the-limit underwear and to my amazement I had never been so comfortable in all my life! Spread the news! Maternity clothes totally rock! Sexy in the traditional sense, no way. But my newfound comfort seems like the sexiest thing ever. And there just may be no going back :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is our world coming to?

We, like so many fellow Houstonians, have Comcast. For anyone who doesn't know, Comcast (formerly known as Time Warner Cable) is a cable, internet, and telephone provider. They do other things too, I think, but that's all we use them for. So the other night Collin and I were flipping channels (actually Collin was flipping channels and I was just laying there...he's a bit of a remote hog! Just kidding honey, I love you!) and couldn't find anything on TV so we went to the "On Demand" channel. You know, the channel that houses all of the shows from the current or previous seasons most popular TV shows so if you miss them and don't have a DVR, you can catch them for free on On Demand. They also have free movies and all sorts of stuff on there. Well, we were flipping through and all of a sudden came across "Dating On Demand". I nearly fell off the couch. Are we the only ones that didn't know this was out there? Wanting to know more, we reluctantly clicked on the "30-40 year old males" section and began watching this guy talk about why women should call him. I don't really recall what he said exactly, something along the lines of "You should call me because I have a job and I'm not crazy." Hmmm. Sounds like a winner. That would make any single girl want to pick up the phone. Anyway, can you believe that?!? DATING On Demand. Don't get me wrong...I feel INCREDIBLY blessed that God allowed me to cross paths with the man that He designed for me while in college. I am in no way diminishing the fact that it can be very hard to meet someone. But Dating On Demand...really? It's almost as bad as the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apple anyone?

Our baby is the size of an apple this week - about 4 1/2 inches! I get emailed an update every week telling me what's going on with the baby. It seems like week after week the baby is always being compared to some type of fruit! This week the baby is developing taste buds, among all sorts of other cool things. This process is so amazing...it makes me even more in awe of our precious Lord.

And here's a picture of my growing stomach. It's kind of hard to tell with the brown dress on - sorry! It's definitely seemed to pouch out here lately. I've had people who didn't know that I was pregnant say things to me about it so I'm hoping that we're almost to the end of the awkward, "Is-she-pregnant-or-just-fat?" stage.

I'm also thrilled to announce that our dear friends the Simpson's (who are pregnant and due the middle of December) just found out last week that they're having a girl and we're SO EXCITED!!! Yay for baby girls! Now if we just knew what we were having... About another month or so!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fort Worth fun!

Sorry for the cheesy title of this blog but I didn't know what else to call it. We had such a great 4th of July in Fort Worth. My mom and I went maternity clothes shopping and it was really fun! Since we don't live close we don't get to go shopping together much and we both really enjoyed it. You might be tempted to think, "You're only 14 weeks pregnant, you shouldn't need maternity clothes yet"...and you would be WRONG. None of my pants or skirts fit anymore. It's ridiculous. I'll post more about my thoughts on maternity wear in a later post. Anyway, back to Fort Worth. We spent July 4th in Granbury, like we always do, and the fireworks did not disappoint, once again. (Granbury is this cute little town right outside Fort Worth that always makes a big deal out of Independence Day. They have an outside craft show where they sell all kinds of neat things and have tons of super yummy and fattening foods. They have adorable little shops that we always go in, mostly to get a break from the heat! They had some of the cutest little baby clothes that I really wanted to buy, but I refrained since we would have had to buy yellow right now since we don't know what we're having yet!) We also ate dinner at this restaurant called Babe's and it's soooo good. They don't have them in Houston and it's such a shame. It's a family style chicken place and it's AMAZINGLY GOOD. Collin eats enough to feed a family of 4 when we go there. Everytime we leave there, I say something to the effect of, "That's the most I have ever seen you eat." It's really pretty funny.

Right after dinner at Babe's. Notice the courthouse in the background. So cute!

My little baby bump. And yes, in case you noticed, I cut my hair! Collin said it's my "mommy 'do"!

On Saturday, we hung out with the Simpson's and had a blast, as always. That night, we celebrated my dad's birthday with family and friends and it was great. The food was very yummy - good job, Mom! Here are some pictures from that evening.

If you're wondering what's up with the holding of the stomach's, they're pregnant, too! Due 3 weeks before us - so fun!

On Sunday after church, we met up with my Uncle Mike, Aunt DiAnn, cousin Jeff, his wife, Diana, and their 10 month old little girl, Macy, for lunch. We hadn't seen Macy since Christmas so she was so much bigger! She was smiling and laughing and full of personality!

Isn't she so cute? She's the spitting image of my cousin.

She was trying hard to rip that necklace from around my neck!

Collin, me, and my dad at Olive Garden. We left Sunday afternoon to head back to Houston. It was a great trip! Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just random things

We are leaving this evening for Fort Worth and are so excited! We are firm believers that you need to get-a-way every now and again and are so eager to be vacating our lives for a few days. We are going to spend time with family, hang out with friends, and just have a great time! We always go to Granbury Lake to watch the fireworks on July 4th and the show is always amazing. I love watching fireworks! We will be returning to Houston on Sunday. We're both already wishing that we could go for longer than 4 nights.

We are officially in the second trimester today - yay! I was unrealistically hoping that I might wake up this morning feeling completely rejuvinated and wonderful...no such luck. I'm still exhausted and queasy (and I'm getting fat, but that's a whole different can of worms. I was not expecting to be having these wardrobe difficulties at 13 weeks of pregnancy. I guess my body's doing what it should! That's what I keep telling myself. ) Hopefully the glories of the second trimester will set in this weekend while we're out of town. We have lots of fun things planned and I want to feel great to do them all!

I am really ready to quit my job. I am hoping to find something that I can do from home part-time after the baby comes (and for the few months before). Legit work-from-home jobs are hard to find so if you know or hear of something that doesn't require you to pay thousands of dollars to get into, let me know. Speaking of work, a guy left my boss a voicemail earlier who said that he saw a lot of articles by our company in various business journals and wanted to know how he could write articles and have them published in business journals. Are you kidding me? My boss had me call him back and explain how it works. Neat. The funny thing is that this guy is a pretty high-up at Windstream Communications. Ridiculous. And then I just got chewed out by this ignorant lady that we're doing a deal with. I really would like a new job. Like really. Please! Help!

Everyone have a fabulous Independence Day!!!