Friday, May 2, 2008

Exciting News!

We recently learned that our best friends are expecting their first baby!!! We are SO excited. They celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in March (their anniversary is 4 days after ours!) and are the sweetest couple in the whole world. Larissa, who has been my best girl friend since I was 8 years old and is more like a sister to me than a friend, is going to be the best mommy ever! She is so selfless and loving - this child is going to be so blessed! Her fabulous husband Clint, whom we completely adore, is a strong man of the Lord (and who is always armed with a whitty retort...the man seriously makes us laugh) will be the best dad and I can hardly wait to see him with a little baby! We could not be any happier for this amazing turn in their lives and are so excited that we get to celebrate this blessing with them! Larissa is in her 7th week of pregnancy (and so far has, for the most part, dodged morning sickness - yay!) and is due with sweet baby Simpson around mid December. Yay for a Christmas baby!