Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Day is on the way!

So, the news is out. We are with child. There are no words to express our excitement and gratitude over this amazing blessing in our lives! For all of you who are interested in the details, here goes:

We found out we were pregnant just under 4 weeks ago. I took a total of 9 tests because I couldn't believe it. I had a positive blood test a few days later and then saw the doctor a couple weeks after that. Everything looks great and seems to be progressing right on track. Our due date is January 7, 2009. At our last appointment, which we were right at 7 weeks (give or take a day), the heartbeat was 143 bpm and the tech said the baby was about 8-9 mm! So tiny! We asked the technician where the head was and she said that at this stage it's hard to tell and that the baby is all heart. Collin loved that. He's been walking around saying, "Our baby is all heart" ever since. So sweet. The above picture is from that ultrasound. We have been reading a few books and one of them says that our baby is the size of a blueberry this week. So cool!

As far as how I've been feeling - this definitely is not the best I've ever felt in my life, but compared to a lot of people, I've had it pretty easy so far. Terrible morning sickness could be just around the corner for me (hopefully not), but I definitely feel pregnant. There were a couple of weeks that I just couldn't believe it because I wasn't feeling any really overwhelming symptoms. I have now experienced about every symptom in the book. Literally. But nothing has been overly horriffic. Well, with the exception of the acne that started gracing my face about 2 weeks ago. I seriously look like a middle school kid. It's awful. I have never had acne like this in my life. I went to see a dermatologist and basically she told me in a very sweet way that there wasn't a lot that she could do. She prescribed me something that I have yet to get filled. Hopefully it will help. I have had some pretty intense headaches and my acid reflux is definitely not liking my body pregnant - it is acting up and in turn making me nauseas. But no vomiting, at least yet. Woo hoo! I LOATH throwing up (who doesn't, I know) so I am really crossing my fingers that this stays away. My mom was terribly sick with me and I've been afraid that I might follow in her footsteps, but so far so good. I am eating all day long and this seems to curb the waves of queasiness, although my clothes are starting to get noticeably snug already!

God's timing throughout this whole thing has been so very cool. Me and my best bud, Larissa, have always hoped that we would get to go through this together. She is due the middle of December - exactly 3.5 weeks before us. So fun! It's been amazing to be able to talk to each other and have someone to go through this with. Plus our kids will be super close in age and we're very excited about that. And Collin's sister just had a baby, Eden, a month ago so she's been a wealth of information as well. And our baby and Eden will be about 8 months apart. So cool!

So, that's pretty much it. We'll keep you updated on Baby Day in the upcoming months. Please remember us in your prayers as we still have another month in the critical first trimester.


Rissa said...

YAY for Baby Day!!!!!!

I'm so excited and blessed to go threw this new journey with you!

Love to all three!

Honea Household said...

How exciting! I had TERRIBLE acne with the girl. I mean, my face just hurt constantly. And it didn't go away until I quit nursing. But with the boy, I didn't have any. I think the girl just gave off a little to many hormones! haha! Be careful taking medication. MAKE SURE that it is totally safe!!! Ask your OB about it. My doctor gave me a topical cream to put on, but I quit using it because it didn't help. Just part of it! ;)

The Day's said...

Yay for Baby Day indeed!

Ash, yeah...I am being super careful. I asked my OB about the meds at my appointment last week and she said no to one and yes to the other (there was 2). I am hating this part of pregnancy, but if this is the worst thing that I deal with in this first trimester then I will count myself really lucky!