Monday, March 10, 2008

Update on mi padre

My dad is doing LOADS better. He has been home from the hospital for a week and a half now. His white blood cell count was elevated really high while in the hospital, which apparantly meant that he had an infection somewhere in his body. They treated him with a variety of strong antibiotics and his white blood cell count went down, as did his blood sugar and his fever. They still don't know where the infection was but they were able to treat it anyway. He's still not feeling 100% but is slowly improving everyday. He still cannot see out of his left eye but saw his eye doctor last week, who says that it is normal and usually takes weeks/months for normal vision to return. I hope it returns sooner than later for his sake. Only being able to see out of one eye has to be driving him crazy! I was able to drive to Fort Worth and stay a few days with my parents. I really enjoyed getting to do some cooking for them and trying to help them out during the busy time. Thanks for all the prayers that were sent up on my dad's behalf. God answered them - He is so good!

I also got a long overdue haircut while at home. I had almost half a foot cut off and she tapered it in the front around my face. I LOVED it when she did it - the way she fixed it was adorable. It looked like my hair had just stepped out of a magazine. I was so excited. I kept walking past mirrors and catching glimpses of my short hair (it's not short to most people, but it's short to me) and being thrilled on the inside! Then I went to bed, got up the next morning and showered, and I couldn't do anything with it. I don't even own hair spray much less "paste" or anything else useful to fix this new 'do of mine. I should have made a trip to Ulta this weekend but I didn't. So, I've been wearing my cute new 'do in a ponytail. The short layers in the front fall out and I have to wear them behind my ears. But oh-well. One of these days I will get some hairspray and the "paste" that my mom graciously offered to buy from Nicholi (the lady who cuts our hair - no idea how to spell her name...she's british and has the coolest accent!) will come in the mail (we were going to buy some when she cut our hair and she was out) and I'll learn how to fix it. I wish that I wasn't a hair retard. I'll post a picture soon!


Honea Household said...

I'm sure it's adorable; but I know how you feel. Tracie can always fix my hair so well, but I can't do a darn thing with it.