Friday, March 14, 2008

Collin Day, member FINRA/SIPC

I am proud to announce that Collin has passed his Series 7 licensing exam and is now a FINRA member. That basically means that he can buy/sell securities, etc. If you're like me until recently and have no idea what the Series 7 is, here's what they say about the exam:

What is the Series 7?
The Series 7 exam is probably the most well known securities exam to the general public. You have most likely heard of it before on the silver screen in such movies as Wall Street or Boiler Room. There is a good chance the Series 7 exam will be the most difficult exam you have or will ever take. The Series 7 exam is also known as the General Securities Registered Representative exam. A person who holds a Series 7 license is usually referred to as a stockbroker. The Series 7 license is the broadest securities license you can attain and will allow you to sell most all types of securities.

What content specifically does the Series 7 exam cover?
The Series 7 exam covers content such as corporate securities (stocks and bonds), municipal securities and U.S. government securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products, variable contracts and federal securities laws.

Collin studied harder for this test than he has for anything in his life. Since I got back from Fort Worth I have hardly seen him, except to eat and when I woke in the mornings. We are very thankful and excited that we actually get to spend some time together now and celebrate our anniversary! Thank you so much to all the people who prayed for Collin during his two weeks of preparation and during the 6 hour test yesterday. We are so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive family and friends. And we give the Lord all the glory for this blessing - He is so good to us!


Anonymous said...

Collin, Gary & I are so happy for you---PTL! Ya'll celebrate your anniversary this weekend and have a wonderful time together. We are so proud of you.
Much love & prayer,
Gary & Vickie