Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prayer Needed

My dad, Gary Wolcott, was admitted to the hospital last night in Fort Worth. He has been feeling bad all week and when my mom couldn't get his fever down from 102/103 last night, she called their doctor who told her to take him to the ER. He is a diabetic, which complicates everything, and has had high blood sugar all week. It was high at the hospital last night, which concerned the doctors. Last week, he also had his second laser eye surgery for a detached retinain his left eye in the last 2 months. When he was feeling so bad last night, he could see nothing out of his left eye. They were able to get his fever down at the hospital and ran some tests to try and figure out what is going on. They discovered that he has a very high white blood cell count and admitted him to the hospital to run more tests. Please pray that nothing serious is going on. Pray for a quick recovery. Pray for the doctors and nurses. Please also pray for my mom, who is super woman under pressure but it's easy to be a little frantic at times when your husband is in the hospital.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. We haven't heard from them since the wee hours of the morning so hopefully that's a good sign and means that they got some sleep last night. We will keep you posted.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Alive with a random post!

For those 5 people out there that actually read this blog, I apologize that it’s been a month since we’ve posted. We’ve been busy with life, but basically nothing life altering or even super interesting has been going on. Here’s a recap for anyone who wants to know what we’ve been up to in the last month:

- We watched the movie "Super Size Me". We both really liked it but recommend that you watch it at least an hour after you’ve eaten (preferably a fairly healthy meal). For anyone who doesn't know, it's basically a documentary about the disguistingness that is fast food. This previously extremely healthy guy eats nothing but McDonald's for 30 days and the documentary shows you the effects that it has on his body and his life. It's pretty alarming. I (Kristin) think all people, especially those with children, need to watch this film. I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in probably at least 3 years simply because I think it’s gross, but after watching this I vow never to eat at the following fast food restaurants: McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box, Whataburger, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy’s, Long John Silver’s (does anyone even eat this anymore EVER?!?), Popeyes, Churches, Sonic (not including drinks) & Taco Cabana. There might be more but these are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. I originally thought about boycotting Chick-fil-A and Chicken Express but have since come to my senses. If you are riding in my car and ask me to stop at one of the above places, you will get thrown out of the car. So don’t even try it :)

- We took a weekend trip to Canyon Lake with our dearest friends, the Simpson’s. It was such a fun time of fellowship and relaxing. We stayed in the presidential section of the condo complex - it was really nice! Here are some photos from playing miniature golf on Saturday afternoon and making smores on Saturday night:

- I am slowly becoming less of a fish loather. We have been trying to eat healthier in the last few weeks and since I know fish is great for you (and because I feel guilty about never cooking it for Collin), we split Atlantic Cedar Planked Salmon at Papadeaux a few weeks ago. I loved it! It's not real fishy tasting, which is what I don't like about fish. So, now I can add salmon to the list of foods that I like!

- I have discovered a serious character flaw in myself over the past week. If you know me very well, you know that I am very competitive. I hate to lose. Collin likes to tell people that we have only played chess once in the 5 years that we’ve been together. The game lasted 2 hours; I lost, and proceeded to cry. We haven’t played since. He leaves out the fact that it was my first time to play EVER, but whatever :) Anyway – I am competitive. It’s a sickness. I need prayer. Well, I discovered the thrill of Ebay shopping last weekend. I found a Coach purse online that I really wanted, so I began the bidding war. I was thrilled about the purse because it retailed for six times what it looked like it was going to go for on Ebay and I loved the color and style. I sat at the computer in the two minutes prior to the bidding ending, refreshing the screen every second. My heart raced as the clock ticked down the seconds. 5 – 4 – 3…I was so excited I could hardly breathe… -2-…this is it, I won it!....-1-and all of a sudden out of nowhere, I was outbid. I was filled with anger and the nasty competitive side of me came out for a second. And then I reminded myself that it’s only a material possession and not something that I actually need. But I still walked around for days saying, "I cannot believe that I didn't get that purse." In retrospect, I guess I was a bit naive about the whole Ebay way of shopping. Everyone that I have talked to is like, “Yeah, that usually happens. You should have bid more.” So, I will chalk it up to being an newbie and maybe next time I choose to Ebay shop I will be a little wiser. And hopefully I will be a little more of a gracious loser. I am definitely a work in progress :)

- We cleaned out and organized our closet last weekend. It REALLY needed to be done. We filled 6 garbage bags full of stuff to be donated. It was ridiculous. It actually looked like we were moving. About an hour into it I was so mad that we had chosen to do this when I looked around at stuff EVERYWHERE, but the end result was fabulous. It took all of Sunday afternoon and evening, but at least it's done.

- Valentine’s Day yesterday was fun. I walked in the door from work last night to candles everywhere, the sound of Etta James’ "At Last" playing and my sweet husband cooking dinner. If you know Collin, you know he is not a cook. Not that he cannot cook, just that he chooses not to. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at making eggs and simple things that he can make in a hurry and he did rock a Baked Spaghetti recipe a couple months ago. But Collin in the kitchen is not the norm at our household. So, walking in to see him in the kitchen was a little startling. I knew that he had something planned, but the thought of him cooking had never even crossed my mind. All the way home I was thinking about where he probably picked up food from! He made Baked Herb Stuffed Salmon and Pine Nut Crusted Green Beans. I was shocked…not only did he cook, but he cooked a fancy meal! It smelled good and I was praying that it tasted good because it was obvious that he worked really hard on it and it was GREAT! I am still so impressed. The green beans were the best I’ve ever had. I’m going to make them like that from now on. And the salmon was fabulous. I am eating the leftovers in a salad for lunch today. Yummy! We had chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, also made by Collin. It was so very sweet! Collin gave me some Vera Bradley stuff that I love! This was probably the first gift that I’ve ever received from Collin that I had NO idea what it was, so it was fun! I got a great deal on a palm treo (a very advanced cell phone, for all of you that aren’t quite up to speed with the latest and greatest in gadgets) and was going crazy on the inside all week wanting to give it to Collin. He has been in need of a new cell phone for a while and I was so excited to give it to him! He was shocked and completely LOVES it! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure from last night’s festivities: