Friday, January 4, 2008

My brother-in-law, Jack Bauer

This is the craziest story. I wanted to share it because God did an awesome thing this morning and I hope that He gets all the glory for His perfect protection over His children's lives.

This morning, at 1:00 AM (he doesn't have school today), my brother-in-law, Connor, was driving home from his girlfriends house. He realized that he needed gas so he pulled into a secluded gas station not far from his girlfriends house. He parked the car at a pump, put his keys in his pocket so that he wouldn't accidentally lock himself out of the car, and cracked the door to get out of the car. All of sudden, he sees out of the corner of his left eye a guy running toward him at full speed. The guy sees Connor look at him and reaches into his jacket pocket, trying to pull something out. Whatever weapon was in his pocket seemed to be stuck - he couldn't get it out. Praise Jesus. Connor, realizing that he didn't have enough time to pull the key out of his pocket, get it in the ignition and drive off, threw the car door open. The perpetrator (what we have fondly named him) had made it to the car by this point and the end of the car door that Connor had just thrown open had rammed into his lower stomach at just the perfect moment. He doubled over. Praise Jesus. Connor fell out of the car onto the ground and quickly stood up. The perp, who was still bent over, looked up at Connor to curse him and Connor punched the guy with his left hand (he's ambidextrious) square in the face. Connor quickly got the keys out of his pocket with his right hand while the perp was bleeding from the nose. The key to the mustang fell perfectly in his hand (Praise God!) and he got in the car and peeled out.

How awesome is that? We fully recognize Connor's mad skills and are completely proud of him for defending himself. But we must give credit where credit is due. God was protecting and overseeing everything that happened at that gas station this morning. We are so very grateful and excited at what God did! Today could actually be going very differently than it has. There are so many things about this story that give me chills and I am sitting here marveling at the omnipitent power and awesomeness (is that a word?) of our Lord. God did a mightly thing this morning and we are so very thankful.

It makes me think about how in every event of our lives, God is doing something. Connor was the only one of the Day children to take tae-kwon-do. It might have been some skill, instinction or ability that he picked up on in tae-kwon-do that allowed him to think so fast and be able to punch this guy. I'm not saying that because I took piano lessons as a child that I will have to play the piano to save my life someday. I'm just saying that God orchestrates the experiences of our lives for a reason. For our good. To give Him honor. And sometimes, maybe to save our lives. He is so awesome. I wonder how many times He's protected me from things that I still to this day know nothing about.

Thank You Father for protecting our sweet Connor. Thank You for watching over Your children - for Your inate ability to take over our bodies and to control every situation of our lives. Thank You that noone or nothing can touch us without Your approval. We are in awe of You and give You all the glory for this marvelous work that You did.


Honea Household said...

Praise God, I am so thankful he is okay. What ever happened to the perpetrator? Did Connor call the police and tell them what he did or anything?

God is truly awesome and His protection over us is amazing.

The Day's said...


Yes, they called the police. Since the incident happened close to the border between two cities, they were going to have to call the police station in a different city then where we live. The police department is smaller and they were going to have to go there instead of the police coming to them (which is what they do where we live) - it's a good distance away. They tried to get the police to meet them at the gas station, but they wouldn't. They had waited until the morning to call so there was really nothing that could be done anyway, the guy was long gone. So, they didn't pursue it any further. They called the gas station to see if they had cameras on the pumps so that maybe they could get a copy of the tape, but they don't have cameras on the pumps. Oh-well, revenge is really the Lord's anyway, right?

Clint said...

It's funny how God works. Do you think that the "perpetrator" ever thought that he would, in the end, be used as the reason for others to praise God?