Sunday, January 13, 2008

Collin, The Adolescent Shoe Snob

I feel I must preface this particular blog by saying that this is Collin writing. I say that for 3 reasons: 1.My wife is a blog-a-holic and has written all but 1 of the blogs on here (just kidding about the blog-a-holic thing baby, I love you!) 2.I can guarantee you won’t be impressed with what I am about to write about as I’m sure you are with what Kristin writes. 3.If you don’t know what company’s logo is “Just Do It”, or have no idea what a “Swoosh” is, you may want to just skip this one…

So, without further ado… From the time I was in about 4th grade up until about the middle of high school I was obsessed with shoes. No, I don’t mean Gucci, Prada….or whatever else brand of high-end Italian footwear may cross your mind. I’m talking about athletic shoes, particularly NIKE. See, I went to a private school in middle and high school and we wore uniforms (which really wasn’t as bad as you might think). So, one of the only ways to show any sort of style, was shoes. I can remember (as I’m sure my parents can) getting so excited to get new shoes. We would go to the mall and I would have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what shoes I wanted to get. I know that’s really weird, but it was fun for me. I used to want the best Nike’s I could find. And Nike was the only brand, anything else was a “knock-off”(wow, what a snob I used to be). In fact, up until a few years ago, Nike was the only brand of shoe I bought. It was a very tough (but economical) decision for me to buy a pair of Saucony shoes a couple years ago.

It wasn’t like I was the only one that was this way though. I mean, all my friends had to have cool shoes too. In fact, one of the “cool” things we used to do was trade shoes with each other for a class period. It was like we were “test-driving” each other’s shoes for comfort, style, and to see if they helped us run faster. Another thing I used to do was, I would have my mom pull out the Oshman’s(now Sports Authority) ad out of the paper every Sunday just so I could look at the shoes they had. I also never wanted my parents to throw any of my shoes away because I was sure that if I kept them they would be worth some money someday…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyways, I saw on the “inter-web” today that the new Michael Jordan shoes are coming out soon. Now, back in middle school, I would have been ecstatic to hear this news. But I truly feel that Nike hit it’s peak of quality styled shoes back in the mid-90’s (when I was in middle school, of course). I started reminiscing about all the pairs of shoes I used to have or just really admired from back then and began searching for them on the internet. As you will see, I have compiled a list of the Top 5 styled Nike shoes of all time, in my opinion. Some of them I owned, some I didn’t.

#1 Air Jordan XI 1995-1996

I never personally owned this shoe but it is absolutely amazing. This is easily the Bentley of basketball shoes. The design is so slick. Best basketball shoe ever made. Jordan made these look good. These shoes are extremely rare and very hard to find nowadays, and if you do find them, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-$500 (and that’s not brand new either). The infant version of these even sell for about $175. Nike re-released these back in 2003. People waited outside malls and shoe stores all night to get a pair, and some of the few people lucky enough to get them got jumped in the parking lot leaving the store.

#2 Chris Webber Nike Air Max Sensation 1996

I didn’t own this shoe either, but this was somewhat of a revolutionary shoe. Reason being was that it was one of the first Nike shoes to have a full visible Air Pocket in the ball of your foot part of the shoe.

#3 Nike Air Adjust Force 1996-1997
This was my all time favorite shoe that I owned. I don’t think Nike has ever made another type of shoe like this one. It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture but the whole black velcro looking strap actually comes completely off the shoe. You could actually interchange different color straps making it almost look like you had a different shoe. I had about 3 or 4 different color straps. I put a picture of a red strap on there just so you can see what it looks off of the shoe. I had these shoes in 8th grade and completely wore them out. I literally wore the sole down to where you could see the inside of the shoe. Probably because I played basketball every single day in these. For those of you unfamiliar with air pockets, you can actually pop them only once and you will hear the air being released from them, usually making a soft sound like it would if you were to slowly release air from the corner opening of a Ziploc bag. Well, my family and I were camping in the Smoky Mountains, and one morning we woke up and were sitting around the campfire talking. I had my legs stretched out in front of me near the fire and all of a sudden…BOOM!!! We heard what sounded like a shotgun, and my leg when up in the air about 3 feet. Haha! I was wearing these shoes and they were so close to the fire that the heat caused my air pocket to explode. No one was hurt and it was hilarious.

#4 Nike Air Max Uptempo 1996-1997

I did not own this shoe but these were one of the first Nike shoes that had an air pocket along the entire bottom of the shoe (if you haven’t figured it out, it was all about the air pockets). The colors and style of this shoe were amazing.

#5 Penny Hardaway’s 1995

This shoe was huge back when Penny and Shaq played together for the Magic. I actually entered a 2 on 2 basketball tourney with a friend of mine that was being sponsored by Penny Hardaway. We didn’t make it very far but we had fun.

Here is a compilation of Honorable Mentions. Some of these I owned and some I didn’t. It would take me even longer of a blog to do a list of all the shoes I owned, but I could do it…..maybe another time.


Honea Household said...

I can't believe you blogged about shoes, Collin! That is hilarious! I've never been that into shoes. You are so funny. I bet you had fun reminiscing! :)

Vickie said...

Collin, I think your blog is longer than any of Kristin's. Ha! Ha! You are so funny...I was laughing the whole time I was reading it thinking that I could just imagine you telling me this in person with a sparkle in your eye and enthusiasm in your voice. I love shoes but NOT athletic shoes. Thanks; I needed a laugh today. BTW, you are a good writer.
Love ya'll

Charlotte said...

This is so you! Trust me I know how serious you are about athletic shoes - even your stinky ones. Not sure that closet will ever be the same. Come to think of it - it probably has to do with your brother's shoes in there right now!
Love you!

Clint said...

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Anonymous said...

great blog! Those where all the shoes I grew up with. You might want to check out this site -> =)

Fadi said...

I just got me some Jordan XI's and i was looking around the inter-web to make sure they aren't counterfeit.. anyhow.. i came across your post, man I shared the EXACT same experiences, same shoes, etc.. private school, uniform, and nike's !
if i had enough money, i'd have a huge closet filled with those basketball shoes right now, even though i haven't played basketball for WELL over 10 years, and was never good at it to start with. :P

great article !

Anonymous said...

You have the exact same taste in shoes that I do! I was trying to figure out what the name of those air max adjusts was. I just remember them as those "shoes with the straps." Anyhow, that's how I found your page. Nice writeup and thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...


These are also my all-time favorite basketball shoes. I had them in 10th grade, and they were the ultimate. I just spent 2 hours of my day at work trying to figure out what the were called!


chaco said...

Those nike shoes is great, the style and functions are great. I love them

ertan said...

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