Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in pictures

Happy New Year! I love the start of a new year - all the possiblities of things to come and chances to start over and do better what we failed at the following year. I have already organized our bathroom cabinets!!

We had a great Christmas. It was so fun to spend time with family and friends. On Saturday, the 22nd, we went to Waxahachie to see my moms side of the family. My cousin and his wife, Jeff and Diana, had a baby girl in August, Macy Lynn, and it was our first time to meet her. She was the sweetest little thing!

We got to spend Sunday night, the 23rd, with our dear friends Clint & Larissa Simpson and it was a blast, as always. They love The Office like we do, and we had gotten Clint an Office t-shirt for Christmas. We were excited to see him open it because we knew that he would love it. The funny thing was that Ris called me about 2 weeks before Christmas and said that Clint had a great idea for Collin a Christmas gift - he wanted to order him an Office t-shirt. So he did and it was really funny to see the look on both of their faces when they opened up their Office t-shirts! Great minds think alike :)

They took us by this house in Benbrook, my hometown and where the Simpson's live, that had a light show set up to music. This guy had his own radio station for the holidays (don't ask me how all that worked because I have no clue) and you could drive by his house, turn on the station, and watch the lights dance to whatever song was on at that moment. It was SO cool. Between each song, he had a commercial in which he would talk about the true meaning of the season being the birth of our Lord and Savior. It was really cool. People were lined up in front of his house to see it. We took my parents by it the next night and there were cars lined up then, too! It was very neat! I tried to take a picture of it out of the window, but it didn't come out too well.

We really ejoyed being able to spend quality time with my parents on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The Christmas Eve service was great (I always love that so much!) and Christmas morning was fun. I always like to take a picture of the tree before all the presents are gone!
Ace didn't know what to think with everything going on. He tried to eat the ornaments.

I won't bore you with what we got, but we are definitely blessed. We got more than we probably deserve and definitely more than we needed. My parents will kill me for this, but here are a few pics!

My mom made me a stocking when I was born and I still use it to this day. I love it. Well, when Collin and I got engaged, she decided that she would make one for him. Well, this year it was done! She did an AMAZING job - it's adorable and the thing that I love the most about it is that my mom made it :) Thanks mom, you're the best!

Collin and I bought a video camera a month ago and we decided that would be our gift to one another this year. We decided to get small, cheap gifts for one another just so that we would have something to open from one another on Christmas morning, or at least I thought we did. I bought Collin a talking Michael Scott bobble head (the boss from "The Office"). He was really excited! It's easier to appreciate this if you are an Office fan. Forgive the sleepy face, it was Christmas morning!

I wasn't sure what to think because this was my present from Collin...

Just because it's in a big box doesn't mean it's a large present on the inside, but I was pretty confused about this! I teased Collin that it was a gift card with some bricks and rocks in it (because the box was heavy). It turned out to be a gift certificate to WoodHouse Spa for a 1 hour Swedish massage! It wasn't exactly a "small, cheap" gift like we had discussed, but I'm excited! But the funniest part was the wrapping...

My sweet Collin, he's not a gift wrapper. Lucky for him, he married someone that loves it. I am like the ultimate gift wrapper. To wrap the lovely gift that you see pictured above, Collin taped the ends up with clear packing tape, and not with folded edges like girls would do it, but just sort of wadded up. Then he realized that the paper that he used wasn't big enough, so he cut another square piece from the roll and taped it on the outside of the end. The tape went clear around to the side of the box. It was awesome. We all got a big kick out of it and teased him for the remainder of the day. Truthfully though, that was the most beautiful gift under our tree this year. The fact that he did it himself, despite really knowing what he was doing, means more than anything. **I also must include as a side note or Collin will kill me - he is "much better at wrapping smaller gifts" but since this gift was so large, he had a much harder time.**

We got back to Houston on Thursday evening and did Christmas with Collin's family on Friday evening. We met at his gandparents house in southeast Houston and enjoyed a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and exchanging of gifts. We got wonderful gifts from them and have had a fun time spending gift cards over the last few days!! Collin's precious Aunt Cathy left on Saturday to fly back to Nashville so we were really glad that we got to have Christmas with her. I am so upset with myself because we didn't take any pictures while we were there!!

If anyone is still reading by now since this post is forever long, I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and we wish you a very Happy New Year!


Mom said...

WoW! Long entry---Collin's stocking looks good in the pictures . . . thanks for your sweet comments. We really enjoyed the visit.
Love ya lotz and lotz,