Monday, December 24, 2007

The Search for Baby Jesus

As long as I can remember, my mom has had a beautiful porcelain manger scene. I can recall admiring it as a child. This year, she set it up on one of the end tables in the downstairs living room. Ace, being the stinker that he is, got into it. My dad heard the sound of porcelain hitting the glass topped end table this afternoon and went over to inspect what was going on. One of the shepherds was on the ground with a very small chip in the side of him (sorry mom!) and Baby Jesus was missing. A search for Baby Jesus soon ensued. Since the manger scene was located in the living room, we were all sure that Baby Jesus had to be close by. We searched everywhere downstairs within reasonable distance - lifted couches off the floor, etc. in search for sweet Baby Jesus. He was nowhere to be found. I felt terrible about it but my parents were completely gracious and kept saying, "He'll turn up sooner or later." I was afraid that "later" might turn into weeks or even months, but thankfully Baby Jesus turned up a few hours later. Collin just happened to see Him under the UPSTAIRS Christmas tree! How in the world our little stinker got Baby Jesus all the way up there is still a mystery, but isn't that so funny?!? Ace must know that Baby Jesus is the greatest gift of all and wanted us to appreciate that seemingly invisible gift under the Christmas tree :)

Hope everyone has a great night enjoying sweet fellowship with loved ones :) Merry Christmas!