Friday, November 2, 2007

Surgery Update

I've been meaning to update this before now, but frankly it's been a little awkward sitting in the computer chair for too long so I have avoided the whole scenario. The surgery went well last Friday and the doctor was able to stitch me up (praise God). They shot me full of local anesthesia and gave me a couple of vicadin (is that how you spell that?) before I left the hospital so I wasn't feeling much until later on that evening. They gave me 2 prescriptions for some GREAT pain pills that I am still using when necessary. Being uncomfortable has been my only real challenge. I can't lay or sit down comfortably. My back and shoulders are so sore from all of the uncomfortable positions that I have had to put myself in lately. Last night, Collin said "When this is all over and you're back to normal, I think you should get a professional massage." I was so happy I started crying!

My mom was here last weekend - she left on Sunday to go back to Fort Worth. Both Collin and I were SO glad that she was here and were sad to see her go. She cooked, cleaned, went grocery shopping and was just all around AMAZING. She even bought me food for some recipes that I can make in the crock-pot easily on my own over the next week. She bought this thing to help me get in and out of the bathtub (since I am required to sit in the bathtub and soak multiple times daily) and it's been so cool! It's like a rail that hooks onto the side of the tub which sticks up and you grab it to help you stabilize yourself. It's metal and really strong. Collin also bought me a really nice bath pillow and the softest tub mat that he could find. We laugh that our bathtub looks like an old person's bathtub, but who cares!

I've also had trouble not being able to do stuff. Since I work full-time, I originally thought that this would be a great time to get some stuff done around the house. When the doc said that I definitely needed to take this entire week off work, in the back of my mind I was thinking, "Hmmm, I can rearrange the pantry and organize our closet and get so many things done that I have been meaning to do and haven't had time..." Yeah, that hasn't happened. I can't even feed Ace because I can't bend over! I feel helpless. Collin is constantly getting onto me for doing more than I should, but it's not in my nature just to sit around and not do anything. That part of this whole situation has been a little hard. And I have bad cabin fever. I had a couple of things planned this weekend that I am REALLY hoping that I'm able to do, but we'll see if I'm up to it.

I finished the book "The Five Love Languages" and I loved it! I am pushing for Collin to read it once he finishes what he's reading now. I have also found that I LOVE sudoku. I had never done it until a few weeks ago and now I am addicted. Collin went and bought me a sudoku book last weekend and I am already 1/3 of the way through with it!

My fabulous mother-in-law took me to the doctor today because the pain has been actually getting worse over the last few days. The doctor put me on a different antibiotic and increased the times and duration that I have to soak in the bathtub (that I originally thought might be kind of nice but is getting old quite fast). Hopefully that will help heal me faster!

I am hoping to at least get to work half a day on Monday but at this point I don't know if I will be able to. I cannot drive so we will have to coordinate how I will get to work and get home. My office is being fairly flexible so that's a blessing. I have received some beautiful flower arrangements, sweet get well cards, dinners that friends have brought over, and lots of calls that I am very thankful for! I am so blessed to have great family and supportive friends :)


Honea Household said...

I have been waiting for an update! Thanks! I certainly do hope that you get to feeling better and things get more comfortable for you. You know that if I was in the same town as you, I would come over and just hang out with you. I could stand in your pantry and organize while you tell me where things go! :) Wish I could be there to help! I love you and glad you made it through surgery just fine. Did you get my message the morning of the surgery? I called your phone hoping that Collin might answer. Call me when you feel like it.

The Day's said...

Awww, thanks Ash! I wish that we did live in the same town. Wouldn't that be so wonderful?! I love your sweet, helpful, and giving nature. I just love YOU!!!