Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Acer!

Our little Ace is 1 year old today! He had some nice tuna for lunch which he thoroughly enjoyed. Collin tried to buy him some anchovies fillets but Ace wasn't a big fan of that. Here is Ace after he ate his "tuna cake"(this is his satisfied look and position):

I made sugar cookies today (any excuse for cookies, right?!) in honor of our little baby's birthday (the one at the top of the picture is a number 1 - it's kind of hard to tell with the number cookie cutters!).

You're probably thinking that it's ridiculous to celebrate an animals birthday, but until we populate the earth with human babies, Ace is our baby :) I will update soon about our Thanksgiving. We are still trying to recuperate from all the food! Hope everyone has had a great weekend!