Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cheap Clothes and Cat Hiccups

This weekend was one of those great relaxing weekends for us. We went to eat at our favorite Mexican restuarant for lunch yesterday, went to the movies, went to Rice Village, went to get some ice cream at Cold Stone, and then stopped at the Old Navy Outlet in Stafford before heading home. They were having this HUGE blowout sale. It was a bargain hunters paradise. Everything in the store was 50% off- EVERYTHING. This is on top of the already fairly low prices because it is an outlet store. Collin got several t-shirts for $4.50 a piece. I was so excited. We spent just under $120 and got what you see in the above picture (don't judge me- our bed's not made!). It may not look like a lot- but trust me, it's quite a bit. Definitely a lot more than you would get for $120 just about anywhere else. I was so happy with us, being such savvy shoppers, that I laid everything out on the bed to see it! So, if you live in the Sugar Land/Stafford area, head over to the Old Navy Outlet in the Fountain's. They are turning the store into a regular Old Navy (I'm SO sad...I should start a petition) at the end of this month, so the sale only lasts until the stuff is gone. Hurry- it's a great deal!

I didn't know this, but cats can get hiccups. The other night, I was sitting at the computer and Ace, who always wants to be near one of us (he is a dog in a cat's body I sware...the cat LOVES people), was sitting on top of the computer desk. He's laying there sleeping and I am typing away on the keyboard. All of a sudden, I see his body convulse. I immediately look at him. His eyes are now open, but he's still laying there completely motionless. I assumed he was dreaming and just jumped or something, so I go back to my typing. About 30 seconds later, he does it again. I look at him again, this time determined to watch him for the next minute to see what's going on. Sure enough, about a minute later I see his entire little cat body convulse and I knew instantly that he had the hiccups. I was amazed. I called Collin over and we both just starred at Ace in awe. I don't know why we were so shocked that cats can get hiccpus. Humans get them frequently and we think nothing of it. But for some reason, to see Ace with a case of the hiccups was mind boggling. Did anyone else know that cats did this? I had 2 cats growing up and I don't remember them doing this. I think we just got a special cat. That's what I'll choose to believe anyhow :)


Jackie said... glad you found me. How are you? I haven't seen/talked to you in FOREVER!!! You look beautiful in your picture!! We need to catch up!!