Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Advanced Apology

As some of you know, I dropped my phone and broke it about 2 weeks ago. It managed to crack in just the right spot so that my flip phone would no longer flip. Well, it would flip but then the top part would come unconnected from the bottom part and the phone was no longer functional. It was not pretty. For a week I drove around talking to people on the speakerphone in my car, holding the phone together in pieces with one hand while driving with the other. By the time I got out of the car, I felt like I had carpal tunnel in my right thumb from putting so much pressure on the phone to hold it together. It was not a good scenario. (As a side note, isn't it so sad how dependant we've become on technology?)

We have a "connection" with someone at a phone company and got a great deal on a blackberry pearl. I normally would not need a phone like this- I am not a high-powered business person (nor do I have the desire to be) who needs to have a phone that can send email or download excel documents. But, as I said, we got a good deal. And the phone is red. I am a lover of just about anything red. It's my favorite color. And it has a pretty good camera. And it also has a game on it that I really enjoy, thanks to Collin who found that for me last night.

Anyway, I just got the phone working yesterday, so it's still brand new. I am just warning you right now- if I hang up on you, don't text message you back, or call you at 6:00 AM because I'm trying to turn off my alarm and somehow dial your number, I am sorry. It's nothing personal. I am just a total newbie with new technology. I used to know what I was doing with gadgets. It seems like at the age of about 23, all of my common sense where technology is concerned went out the window. I seem to know nothing about anything that's out there now. I feel like I should take one of those classes for senior adults on how to use their computers. Except mine would be in all things i-pod and blackerry! Ha- hope everyone's having a good week.



Sound Kitchen said...

Yay, for fun new, complicated phones ;) Love-y'all!


Honea Household said...

Sweet! Awesome phone! I am not a business person and have no need for one of these, but I think they just look cool and they are fun! Enjoy it! You're in for a busting if you text me or call me at 6:00am. Just kidding! Love you!

The Day's said...


Yes- yay for new phones! And yay for awesome husbands that we love who can get great phones at great deals. We love Clint! And we love you :)


I know...I love them, too! I told Collin that I just want to walk down the street and talk on it. Actually, I don't have to be talking on it, I just want people to see me with it. I feel so cool :) And a "busting"? What is that?! I have a feeling that I don't want to find out...