Thursday, September 27, 2007

'The Office' Season Premiere is TONIGHT!!!

We are so excited about this! There are 3 shows that we watch and get really excited about. LOST, 24, and THE OFFICE (I also watch and get excited about Law & Order SVU, but as long as it's DVR'ed I'm not as obsessive about it). Since LOST and 24 don't start until 2008, THE OFFICE season premiere is the only one that we can get excited about right now. And I think that we would be most excited about it anyway. It's the only one out of the 3 that's a comedy and we love to laugh! The other 2 are so intense that I feel like I could pass out by the time they're over (especially 24)!!

Have you seen this show? It's FABULOUS. You will laugh until you cry or pee on yourself...or both. It's witty and wonderfully written...the actors are amazing. You NEED to watch this show. We own all 3 seasons on DVD if anyone wants to borrow them. It's one of those shows that you can watch the re-reuns over and over and over and still laugh. THE OFFICE Season's 1-3 are by far the most watched DVD's in our home. We find new things that we didn't pick up on the first time we watched it. We simply love this show.

Like any good girl, I am especially excited about what's going on between Jim and Pam. They have had a love connection ever since the beginning of the show and there has always been some obstacle keeping them from being together. Well, last season ended with Jim asking Pam out on a date! So, I'm VERY excited to see what's going on with that. And excited to see the drama between Jim and his now obviously ex-girlfriend Karen, who works in the office as well. No sitcom is complete without a complicated love triangle, right?!

We have been looking forward to the Season Premiere all summer long. And tonight's the night! I even put a stew in the slow cooker this morning so that I wouldn't have to worry about making dinner when I get home from work! So, don't call us from 8-9 PM tonight - if you do, be prepared to leave a message :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank You Jesus for iced-tea

Collin and I both grew up in Texas, drinking iced-tea with virtually every meal. So, needless to say, we have become adults that drink iced-tea at almost every meal. About a month ago our ice maker went out. It's hard to make iced-tea without ice. So, for about 3 weeks we were without tea. Some of Collin's family had mercy on us and brought us tea a couple of different nights, which was glorious, but we were so thirsty for tea that it didn't last long. It's easy to take something like tea for granted, especially if you grew up with it your whole life.

Last week, a sweet man sent straight from Heaven came and fixed our ice machine. I cannot tell you how much iced-tea we have drank in the last 5 days. I have been so tea deprived that I drink it with breakfast. I can't seem to get enough. Collin will walk in the door from work in the evening and say, "I'm gonna make some tea!" Some nights we make 2 pitchers- just for the 2 of us. And it's gone before we go to bed.
Thank You Jesus for iced-tea. And thank you for Mr. Coffee iced-tea makers that make it easier on working women. We will never take the precious gift of iced-tea for granted again :)

P.S. We drink de-caf, in case anyone was worried about us bouncing off the walls from all the caffeine!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


It is officially my favorite season- fall. I got my fall stuff out this afternoon. I love decorating for fall. All the weird shaped gourds and's my favorite. I adore this time of year. Although the temperatures in Houston, and really most of Texas as a whole, don't drop much below seventy degrees, I still love it. I love the idea of leaves changing colors and crisp fall mornings. I love the smells of fall and drinking apple cider (with red hots in it because that's the best) while wearing sweats. And although I might have to have the air conditioner pumping full blast to be able to do that without dying of a heat stroke, that's what I'll do. Because I love it that much.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Advanced Apology

As some of you know, I dropped my phone and broke it about 2 weeks ago. It managed to crack in just the right spot so that my flip phone would no longer flip. Well, it would flip but then the top part would come unconnected from the bottom part and the phone was no longer functional. It was not pretty. For a week I drove around talking to people on the speakerphone in my car, holding the phone together in pieces with one hand while driving with the other. By the time I got out of the car, I felt like I had carpal tunnel in my right thumb from putting so much pressure on the phone to hold it together. It was not a good scenario. (As a side note, isn't it so sad how dependant we've become on technology?)

We have a "connection" with someone at a phone company and got a great deal on a blackberry pearl. I normally would not need a phone like this- I am not a high-powered business person (nor do I have the desire to be) who needs to have a phone that can send email or download excel documents. But, as I said, we got a good deal. And the phone is red. I am a lover of just about anything red. It's my favorite color. And it has a pretty good camera. And it also has a game on it that I really enjoy, thanks to Collin who found that for me last night.

Anyway, I just got the phone working yesterday, so it's still brand new. I am just warning you right now- if I hang up on you, don't text message you back, or call you at 6:00 AM because I'm trying to turn off my alarm and somehow dial your number, I am sorry. It's nothing personal. I am just a total newbie with new technology. I used to know what I was doing with gadgets. It seems like at the age of about 23, all of my common sense where technology is concerned went out the window. I seem to know nothing about anything that's out there now. I feel like I should take one of those classes for senior adults on how to use their computers. Except mine would be in all things i-pod and blackerry! Ha- hope everyone's having a good week.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cheap Clothes and Cat Hiccups

This weekend was one of those great relaxing weekends for us. We went to eat at our favorite Mexican restuarant for lunch yesterday, went to the movies, went to Rice Village, went to get some ice cream at Cold Stone, and then stopped at the Old Navy Outlet in Stafford before heading home. They were having this HUGE blowout sale. It was a bargain hunters paradise. Everything in the store was 50% off- EVERYTHING. This is on top of the already fairly low prices because it is an outlet store. Collin got several t-shirts for $4.50 a piece. I was so excited. We spent just under $120 and got what you see in the above picture (don't judge me- our bed's not made!). It may not look like a lot- but trust me, it's quite a bit. Definitely a lot more than you would get for $120 just about anywhere else. I was so happy with us, being such savvy shoppers, that I laid everything out on the bed to see it! So, if you live in the Sugar Land/Stafford area, head over to the Old Navy Outlet in the Fountain's. They are turning the store into a regular Old Navy (I'm SO sad...I should start a petition) at the end of this month, so the sale only lasts until the stuff is gone. Hurry- it's a great deal!

I didn't know this, but cats can get hiccups. The other night, I was sitting at the computer and Ace, who always wants to be near one of us (he is a dog in a cat's body I sware...the cat LOVES people), was sitting on top of the computer desk. He's laying there sleeping and I am typing away on the keyboard. All of a sudden, I see his body convulse. I immediately look at him. His eyes are now open, but he's still laying there completely motionless. I assumed he was dreaming and just jumped or something, so I go back to my typing. About 30 seconds later, he does it again. I look at him again, this time determined to watch him for the next minute to see what's going on. Sure enough, about a minute later I see his entire little cat body convulse and I knew instantly that he had the hiccups. I was amazed. I called Collin over and we both just starred at Ace in awe. I don't know why we were so shocked that cats can get hiccpus. Humans get them frequently and we think nothing of it. But for some reason, to see Ace with a case of the hiccups was mind boggling. Did anyone else know that cats did this? I had 2 cats growing up and I don't remember them doing this. I think we just got a special cat. That's what I'll choose to believe anyhow :)