Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Reflection and Rejoicing

Hi everyone! Collin here, giving you up to the minute reports on what's going on in our lives (not really up to the minute...but close enough). Well, it has officiallly been one week since my wonderful grandmother June passed away. I have been very fortunate in my life to have lived 25 years and, up until last week, still have all 4 of my grandparents. I know that is a rare thing, and I feel so blessed. I have heard many people say that nothing can prepare you for losing a grandparent, and boy were they right. In this particular situation we knew it was going to happen and I really thought I was prepared, but there is no way you can prepare enough for actually getting the call. The tears I have shed over the past week are a reminder of two things: one is that I, as a human, am selfish for wanting grandmother to still be here; the other is that my grandmother is no longer in any pain and is experiencing the awesome presence of our Heavenly Father.

The funeral was done very nicely by my great-unlce H.A.(one of June's brothers), and a dear friend of the family Russ Gibbs. There were so many beautiful flowers and June looked absolutely gorgeous. Over time, when I have thought about my grandmother, I can always remember certain things: like how she always had candy or gum to give me in church or how when we would go visit them she was always calling everyone she knew that had kids my age to see if I could come over to play. I remember on many occasions her asking "Collin, did you get enough to eat?" I would respond "Yes ma'am, I am so full", and she would reply "Let me make you some more eggs". She was always making sure everyone was taken care of. And while some of these things were mentioned at her funeral, there were many things about her that I learned that day. Like how she used to be a volleyball player - I'll bet she was great at that. I have always known what an amazing Christian lady she was, but I had no idea of some of the things she said to people and did for people with such a servant heart. It was really great to see her through other people's eyes. I also learned that almost all her life she was sick in one way or another, but you would have never known it when you were around her. She was so tough. As I was looking around her kitchen while we were there, I saw a small wooden sign hanging in the corner with writing on it. It said "When you reach the end of your rope.....tie a knot and hang on". She must have coined that phrase.

We are so grateful for all of the support and prayers from family and friends. Thank you for the cards and flowers/plants. We appreciate it so much!

We love you and we will miss you, Grandmother. You left a great legacy...


Honea Household said...

Good writing Collin! I remember the feeling of losing a grandparent. It was very hard and I like you have also been very blessed to have all 4 grandparents around at the age of 25. We got a thank you note from your granddad and it was very sweet and very touching. I'm glad I got to meet you. Thank you for letting me spend some precious time with Kristin.