Thursday, August 23, 2007

My husband rocks...

For those of you that know Collin, you know that the title of this blog is so true. I have noticed just over the past year how much he has really grown. Since we recently celebrated his 25th birthday (side note on this topic below), I have been thinking about many of the qualities that make me so lucky to be his wife. So, below are several of the billion reasons why I love Collin so much!

1. He NEVER complains no matter the circumstance. Since we have been married over the past 1.5 years, and even in the 3 years that we were together prior to marriage, I cannot think of 1 time that he has said anything to me resembling a complaint. It's not like he is so lucky that nothing bad ever happens- we've had our share of crappy things -but he is so positive. Sure he will tell me what's going on and express his sadness, hurt, or disappointment to me, but he does not take on the attitude of "why is this happening to me?" He recognizes that despite our trials, God has blessed us tremendously and he chooses to focus on that. I LOVE this about him! I have a tendency to do the opposite, so it's refreshing that I have him to balance me out!

2. He is so stinkin' much fun! He is one of the only people that I can count on to consistently make me burst out into laughter and I adore him for that. He is so random and silly...we have a blast acting like complete goobers alone in our apartment. It usually takes me a while to get comfortable with people and many people don't see that side of me, but it's definitely there, and I am so glad that God gave me someone with a sense of goofiness and that we can be silly together!

3. He is very humble. In a world that teaches young men to be arrogant, gloatful (is that a word?), competitive, and conceited, Collin will be the last one to brag on himself. He is successful at work, is way smarter than he takes credit for, I could write 500 words on all the things that he is good at and doesn't give himself credit for, but I won't. Just know that he is humble. What an attractive quality!

4. He is slow to anger. This is a big one. This is one that I struggle with (yes, you can pray for me- I need it). I can get a little hot-headed at times and he is always there with calm words and a sweet spirit. When we first got married this would frustrate the crud out of me. I wanted him to get mad, to be angry at people or situations, or to at least understand my anger and brew over it with me. But God has since opened my eyes (thank goodness!) and shown me that I am the one who's thinking is off. I am slowly learning that lesson. But more than anything, I am thankful that I have a husband with this quality and that God is using him to grow me.

5. He is a very hard worker. This is such an attractive quality. When we were still dating, he worked construction and several other manual labor type jobs while going to school full-time so that he could afford to buy my engagement ring. I won't go into all the in's and out's of how hard he worked, but trust me, it was awful. I love knowing that he pours his heart and soul into what he does. I love knowing that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He has an office job now and thankfully doesn't have to work manual labor, but I love knowing that he will always do whatever he has to in order to take care of me and someday, our children.

6. He has a considerate heart. This is not a quality that most men possess, but Collin's considerate nature is one of the things that caught my attention before we even started dating. I watched how considerate he was with his friends and his family and it totally drew me in! This is one of the many qualities that I prayed for in a husband. I am so attracted to that beautiful heart of his that is always concerned for others.

7. He loves Jesus. I am so thankful that God allowed Collin to be raised in the Christian home that he was raised in. I am thankful to Aunt Cathy, who God used to lead Collin to Christ in Glorietta, New Mexico when he was a child. I am thankful that God has revealed himself to Collin and in turn that Collin has a true picture of Jesus. I am thankful that the Lord placed people in Collin's life that have loved him with agape love. I am thankful that Collin grew up in church and that he has a strong foundation in Biblical principles. I am thankful that Collin applies those principles to his life. I am most thankful that Collin loves and fears the Lord. It governs everything that he does. This fact was evident when I got to know Collin over 4 years ago. It is what attracted, and ultimately captured, my heart. And he in turn loves me so much better because of it.

So, with that said, my husband rocks! He will probably be embarrassed that I even posted this, but I just wanted to brag on him a bit. And I want to brag on God a bit- for being so infinitely wise and just stinkin' cool for placing me with a spouse that challenges and encourages me to grow and that compliments me so well.

About Collin's birthday- he turned 25 on August 18th. We were really excited for this milestone since you always hear that your insurance goes WAY down when you turn 25 (if you're a male, that is). So, I excitedly called our insurance lady a couple of weeks ago only to learn that it doesn't go down all that much. It goes down some, don't get me wrong, but it's not the per month savings that I was hoping for. Oh-well. On a more positive note, we went to Perry's Steakhouse to celebrate Collin's 25th birthday and it was oh-so-good. I had a pork chop that was the size of my head. OK- not really that big, but it was by far the biggest pork chop that I have ever seen. Not to mention that it had been marinating for 6 days and that the meat literally was falling off the bone. If you're going to Perry's Steakhouse anytime soon, I highly recommend it.

Other than that, things with us are good. They asked me to start working 8:30-5:30 daily instead of getting off at 4:00 PM. I started that new schedule this week. It's been a transition and I miss the old schedule, but I keep telling myself that it's only for a season. Thankfully I read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey a while back, so I am trying to look at this as an opportunity to make more money and not as another 1.5 hours a day at a job that I don't really like! Thanks Dave Ramsey!
Oh, and don't you just love Collin's work pic at the top of this blog! He is going to kill me for posting it, but I think it's cute :)


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Great pic! And...Collin is AWESOME!! :)