Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Most of you know that we are in the middle of a law suit. Collin was served papers back in April and it feels like we've been on a rollercoaster since then. For anyone who happens to stumble across our blog and doesn't know the story, here's the short version. It was a beautiful Friday morning in May of 2006. Collin was driving to work at approximately 8:00 AM (rush hour) and was hit from behind on Hwy 59 while trying to merge onto Loop 610. For anyone who knows Houston traffic, you know this is a horrible area and is notorious for backing up a LONG ways in the mornings. Collin had put on his blinker and slowed down to try and merge onto 610. There was a BMW behind him who saw him slow down and slowed down as well. There was an F150 truck behing the BMW pulling a tractor-trailer who rammed into the BWM, who in turn hit Collin. The man in the BMW is suing Collin and the guy driving the F150 for compensation of "lifelong physical and mental damages" (even though he was walking around the site of the accident fine - gag me).

We have a lawyer who seems highly competent and extremely optomistic about the case. The first thing he said to Collin when we met with him was, "For the life of me, I can't figure out why the h*** you're being sued!" That helped to put our minds at ease a bit. Everyone that we've talked to says that this is ridiculous and that we won't have to pay anything out of pocket. Obviously, that's our biggest concern. The insurance companies went through arbitration to determine who was responsible for paying for damages to the BMW and the guy in the F150 was found 100% liable. Praise Jesus! Unfortunately, that has no bearing on our lawsuit since it was only for damages to the vehicle.

We recently received papers stating that if the case goes to trial, the trial will be around May 12, 2008 and that we shouldn't make plans to go out of town around that time period (I feel like a criminal who has been told not to flee the country!). We are hoping that it doesn't go to trial and our lawyer seems to think that it will settle out of court, but there's always that chance. They're preparing for it like we're going to trial and we keep getting things in the mail stating that fact...it's weird!

Collin is giving his oral deposition today (he's already done his written one) at 1:00 PM. If you happen to read this before then, please pray for him. It's a little nerve-racking.

Obviously, we are freaked out but are trying not to think about it too much. Our lawyer has told us to live life like normal and told Collin, "Tell your wife to calm down and not to lose any sleep." Ha! So, that's what we've tried to do. But, that doesn't take away from the fact that we're a little scared and in need of prayer. So, please be praying! Our lawyer's name is Neil Levin - you can pray for him, too. Pray for all the people invloved (the plaintiff's name is Benjamin and the other defendant's name is William) and that Collin and I will react to this situation in a way that brings glory and honor to the Lord. Pray that we won't have to pay anything out of pocket! And pray that we learn whatever lesson God is trying to teach us through this so that we never have to learn this lesson again!!!



Anonymous said...

Kristin, I just read your posting and I prayed and will continue to pray for Collin and for you. I know this is an anxious time for you both.
Love you,
P.S. I am on a telecon from 12 to 2---ugh!

Honea Household said...

It's 1:29...I'm praying for Collin, although he might be finished by now. I love you. Talk to you soon.

The Day's said...

Ashley - You need to actually write on your blog so I can post on it! The deposition happened later than planned and lasted a long time (so you're 1:29 prayer was much needed and happened before the deposition!), but Collin said it went really well. He said that one of the lawyer's was terrible and tried to get him to incriminate himself. He said that he thinks that he did good and that our lawyer told him that he did a great job as well. So, we'll see what happens! Thanks for the prayers- he said that he could definitely feel them :) Love you!

Mom- thanks for your faithful prayers! This is an anxious time, but God is teaching us and growing us through it and we are choosing to focus on that! You are the best and I love you!

The Day's said...

I have to share this because it made me laugh...Collin said that he was so nervous (it was him in a room with the lady who took the deposition and the three lawyers) that he felt like when he opened his mouth he would sound like the Miss America South Carolina contestant (if you haven't seen this, go look it up on youtube- it's hilarious!). He said that it was totally God because he actually spoke eloquently and didn't stick his foot in his mouth (which is hard to do around lawyers)! So, thanks for praying :)

Anonymous said...

You guys just have to keep things exciting don't you! Just wanted to let you know you are in our constant prayers(as always :))Love you guys!

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