Friday, August 31, 2007

Collin aka "The Sports Maniac"

For anyone who doesn't know Collin very well, let me tell you that the man loves sports. He loves watching sports on TV, talking about sports, but most of all, he loves playing sports. He plays fantasy football every fall and fantasy baseball every spring (right now he's in 4th place and is a shoe-in for playoff's!). He's the type of guy that cannot lay around the house on a pretty day- he HAS to be outside, running around, throwing and catching, and sweating. I love that he's active and I love that he's a guy's guy.

What I don't love, however, is when he gets home at midnight from a soccer game after he fell on his head (ON HIS HEAD) during the game and goes to bed, while I am already asleep, completely oblivious to the fact that my husband could have a concussion and is climbing into our bed for the night. Well, this is exactly what happened on Tuesday night. When we awoke the next morning (yes, he awoke...don't worry!), he told me what happened and then proceeds to tell me that he has a pretty bad headache. When he gets out of bed, it only gets worse. Being the caring, loving wife that I am (and paranoid and over-protective), I urged him to go into work late and at least call the doctor, and thanks to some encouragement from my oh-so-wonderful-mom-in-law, he obliged. He told our doctor what happened and she worked him in that afternoon, saying that he needed to come in. Well, the visit itself went well and the doc ordered a CT scan. He went and had that done that day and it turns out, he had a concussion. There was no bleeding, praise Jesus!, but there was definite bruising and it confirmed my suspicions all along. So, maybe I am paranoid (who am I kidding? I'm totally paranoid), but I am right (or at least this time) and feel a little more justified in my paranoia.

Under doctor's orders, Collin stayed home from work yesterday and is back today, feeling almost back to normal. He still has a slight headache, but the worst of it seems to be over. Praise the Lord that He watches over the ignorant and that everything worked out. I don't know if it's really fact that you shouldn't go to sleep right after the onset of a concussion, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Jody, if you read this, ask Victoria if that's true or not. I would be interested to know.

Knowing Collin, he'll be back out there in his soccer jersey at his next game in several days. As much as I would love to make him stay home where I can be sure he's safe, I don't want that for him because that's just not him. He would HATE it. And I would too because he would be unhappy. It gives me a TINY glimpse into how God must feel- wanting to protect us, His children, from all of the harmful and hurtful things in the world, but choosing not to out of love because we have to learn on our own and make our own mistakes. Wow- what a hard, loving choice!

Thanks to everyone that called to check up on Collin. We love you!