Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are on the web!

I have succumbed to the pressure of blogging! Last summer we both made myspace accounts and this summer we are creating a out technical world- here we come! Despite the enormous sense of pressure that I am feeling to write something profound, inspirational, or stinkin' hilarious, I am excited about the idea of keeping up with family and friends this way. It's not like our lives are extremely exciting or anything, but we thought it might be fun and a good outlet of emotion! If nothing else, this will be a shrine to our "baby", Ace (some would call him a cat). We adopted him in January and love him so much! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:


Anonymous said...

Kristin, I feel so "special" because I am the first to comment to your blog. Ha Ha! I really enjoyed making the diaper cake with you. Thanks so much for driving up last weekend to attend the baby shower with me. It was great to spend time with you---I miss you! Ace has grown so much since those pictures---he is a sweetie pie. Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

HEy Kris....
Thanks for inviting me into your blog. Yall are too cute and I can't wait for future updates. Miss you tons
Tah Tah in the wind

Love Kristin