Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's a sad day...

It's only been a few days since my last post, but it has seemed like a lifetime. We have felt like hermits lately, leaving the house only a few times so that we can be home and near a phone to get "the call". Everytime the phone would ring both Collin and I would just about jump out of our skin. Sweet June, to everyone's surprise, made it through the weekend. We thought surely that we would get a call yesterday, but we didn't. At work this morning my boss told me a story of his wife's aunt- they called and said that she didn't have a week to live and she ended up lasting almost a month. We had started thinking that June might linger on for a few days more. Hospice kept us updated with small signs that the end could be coming, but the ultimate truth is that no one really knows. We got the call late this morning that she is now with the Lord. They estimate that she went home at about 10:46 AM.

We were so baffled that June held on for as long as she did. Obviously, God had a reason and I know personally, it was a sweet reminder that we really are not in control of our lives. As humans, we so often think that we are in control. Let us never forget that the good Lord is the author of life and death and that nothing is truly in our control. As my parents pastor, Dr. Al Meredith, always says, "If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans!"

It has been an emotional morning. We felt as "prepared" for the news as you can be, but it has hit us hard. We are sad to see her go- our hearts are heavy...she will be so missed. But more than anything, we are overwhelmed with relief. Collin and I talked about how we have images of her, gorgeous and glowing in beautiful robes, with a huge smile across her face, and FEELING GREAT. We imagine all the people that were there to greet her and love on her. We think about the beautiful reunion that she is having with Mama Nete and Herman Daddy (her parents) and so many others. I even had the thought last night...what if her and my grandma will become friends?! What a beautiful thought. And the most amazing thought- today is the day that June comes face to face with her Heavenly Father. I get chills just thinking about that. How awesome.
The funeral will be Friday morning at 10:00 AM. The plan now is that we will leave tomorrow. We will be getting a room in San Angelo at the retirement high rise that Collin's grandparents are members of, so we won't have to get a hotel. We still aren't sure what we'll do with Ace, but we'll figure it out. We will most likely be gone until Saturday, but we'll update when we can. Thank you so much for the phone calls and prayers. They are so greatly appreciated.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bittersweet News

Well, it has been a sad 24 hours. As many of you know, we learned in May that Collin's grandmother, June Day, has stomach cancer. We have been praying for her, for Collin's Papaw, and for God's perfect timing to reign down in her final months. Her cancer is fairly aggressive and we knew she didn't have much longer. Yesterday morning we got the call that hospice doesn't think she'll make it through the weekend. Over the past several weeks she has become bed-ridden and can no longer eat anything and Thursday night she became unable to even take her medication. Hospice is usually fairly accurate at predicting things like this, so we feel fairly certain that she will go be with the Lord soon. This is a bittersweet revelation. We love her so much and are so sad to see her go. There are memories that we still wanted to create with her. Collin and I sat on the couch last night and talked about how we want her here for Connor's (Collin's little brother) high school graduation and wedding and how more than anything we want our unborn children to get to know her-- she truly is a remarkable woman. At the same time, the thought of her suffering is heart breaking. We want her to go be in the most beautiful place, where she will feel no pain and get to be in the presence of the Almighty. There's a part of me that's in awe of the fact that June will soon be face to face with our Heavenly Father!!! What an amazing thing. And what peace it brings us, her family, to know where she's going.

June is a very strong Christian lady and one of the sweetest people anyone will ever meet. She is selfless and compassionate and has many, many qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman. Last night, we got a phone call from Charlotte, Collin's mom, who said that Thursday evening some women from their church and neighborhood had been over to June's house to sit with her and to read scripture to her. Charlotte said that despite everything, June was laying in the bed reciting the scripture along with the women. What an amazing Godly woman...

We have been reading the book 90 Days in Heaven. It's a book written by a pastor in Alvin who says that he legally died and went to Heaven (he actually did legally die in a car accident and then came back to life 90 minutes later). It sounds weird, I know, but you should read it nonetheless. Regardless of whether you think this guy is a quack or you believe him, the way that he depicts Heaven is biblical and has really helped us in this time. He says that when he got to Heaven there was a HUGE crowd of people there to greet him. They were people that had been spiritual influences in his life--either they had touched him in some way or vise-versa. His "Heaven Welcoming Committee" if you will. He describes everyone's jubilance to see him and the overwhelming love and joy that he felt. He goes on to describe the glorious music and noises that he heard, the pearly gate that we so often hear talked about, etc. When I think about June and what a strong Christian lady she is, and how many lives have been influenced for the greater good because of her, I cannot help but think about her Heaven Welcoming Committee that is getting ready to greet her in this very moment. There will be so many people that will be overjoyed at the sight of her and it makes my heart smile to know that she will be welcomed in such a way and loved on SO MUCH! What indescribable peace we have as Christians knowing where our loved ones are going.

We have spent last night and will spend today getting ready to leave. We aren't sure exactly what the plans will be, but we are trying to get ready to go and then will just play it by ear. Collin technically gets 3 days off for bereavement so we're trying to time it right. We have already looked into hotels in San Angelo, we're trying to figure out what to do with Ace (we still aren't sure!), and now are just waiting for the call.

Even though we knew this was iminent, it's still such an emotional time. This is the first family death that Colln's experienced and it's a really difficult thing. It was 13 years ago this month that I lost my amazing grandmother and it brings back emotions from that experience for me, as well. We aren't sure what will happen in the next several days, but please keep our family in your prayers. Please pray specifically for Carrol, Collin's dad, and for Randy, Collin's uncle. This is their mother...I cannot imagine losing my mother. Thanks for the prayers- we will try to update when we can!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Shower

My cousin's wife, Diana, is pregnant and due in early September. This is a big deal for my family because this will be the first baby on this side of the family since my cousin Jason was born (he turned 24 yesterday), so needless to say, we are excited. She is having a girl, who will be named Macy Lynn. My mom and I helped throw a shower for her on Saturday. I did the invitations and mom and I did a diaper cake together as the centerpiece. I was pleased with how the invitations came out and I was so proud of the diaper cake! You can't seem to get one of these online for less than $90, so I was proud that we made it ourselves and it turned out cute! I think it turned out cute, anyway...if you don't think so please don't tell me because I am quite proud of my masterpiece of diapers!

There was a small part of me that was quite nervous to go to this shower because I knew that I would get about 10 people asking me, "Well, when's it going to be your turn?" A question that every young, married, and child-less girl seems to get at any baby related function (or at any function, as the case may be). I purposefully wore a fitted shirt as to not give anyone the assumption that I could be expecting (I originally wanted to wear a "maternity looking" shirt but decided that would encourage the questions so I decided against it), but as luck would have it, I had several people ask me about babies. It's such an awkward question and I'm sure I stumbled up my answers pretty bad. Even though I was expecting it, I still had no idea what to say. "Ummm, yeah- I don't know. We're just enjoying life right now...we'll see what happens." Ha! The shower itself went well. Diana got quite a bit of stuff that she needed for Macy. It's always fun seeing all the sweet clothes- she got this pale pink Nike stuff that I knew if Collin would have been there he would have loved.

It was a very short weekend for Collin and I. We were at my parents for a day and a half and then got back in the car to make the 5 hour trip back home. Ace did pretty well in the car (yes, we took him with us). This was his third car trip to Fort Worth, so he's becoming a pro. I am happy about this because I have heard from friends that they have had to resort to drastic measures when traveling with their cats (one friend actually sedated her cat so that he would sleep in the car!). Collin's birthday is coming up (August 18th) and I went ahead and gave him his birthday present early. He's been wanting a PSP for a while, so I went ahead and got it. I got him that and 2 PSP games. He's been like a kid in a candy store-- he loves it! Hope everyone's having a great week!
- Kristin

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are on the web!

I have succumbed to the pressure of blogging! Last summer we both made myspace accounts and this summer we are creating a blog...watch out technical world- here we come! Despite the enormous sense of pressure that I am feeling to write something profound, inspirational, or stinkin' hilarious, I am excited about the idea of keeping up with family and friends this way. It's not like our lives are extremely exciting or anything, but we thought it might be fun and a good outlet of emotion! If nothing else, this will be a shrine to our "baby", Ace (some would call him a cat). We adopted him in January and love him so much! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure: